Soudal Fix All High Tack

Soudal Fix All High Tack

Soudal | SMX® Hybrid Polymer

Soudal Fix All High Tack is a Super Strong Sealant, Adhesive and Filler based on SMX® Hybrid Polymer.

Soudal Fix All High Tack can be applied in all weather conditions (including wet and damp surfaces), internally and externally.

Soudal Fix All High Tack contains no solvents or odours. Primerless adhesion on most construction materials. Overpaintable with most paints.

Soudal Fix All High Tack is non-staining on porous natural stones and is suitable for sanitary applications.


Soudal Fix All High Tack

  • Super Strong

  • High initial tack reducing the need for initial support.

  • Fast curing

  • Good extrudability

  • High shear strength after full cure (no primer)

  • Stays elastic after curing and very sustainable

  • Impervious to mould, contains ZnP (biocide with fungicidal action)

  • No odour.

  • Can be painted with water based systems

  • Good colour stability, weather and UV resistance

  • Does not contain isocyanates and no silicones

  • Good adhesion on moist substrates


Typical Applications:

  • Sealing and bonding in the building and construction industry.

  • Heavy duty bonding in all weather condition, on most surfaces.

  • Elastic bonding of panels, profiles and other pieces on the most common substrates (wood, MDF, chipboard, etc).

  • Elastic structural bonding in car and container industry.

  • Joints in bathrooms and kitchens.

Surface Preparation:

Porous surfaces in water loaded applications should be primed with Soudal Primer 150.

Smooth surfaces should be degreased before bonding them together. We recommend a preliminary adhesion test on every surface.

While producing plastics very often releasing agents, processing aids and other protective agents (like protection foil) are used. These should be removed prior to bonding.

NOTE: Bonding plastics like PMMA (e.g. Plexi® glass), polycarbonate (e.g. Makrolon® or Lexan®) in stress loaded applications can give rise to stress cracking and crazing in these substrates. The use of Fix All® High Tack is not recommended in these applications.

There is no adhesion on PE, PP, PTFE (Teflon®) and bituminous substrates. We recommend a preliminary compatibility test.

Application Method:

  • Application: With manual or pneumatic Caulking Gun.

  • Cleaning: With Sealant Remover immediately after use. Cured Fix-All® can only be removed mechanically.

  • Finishing: With a soapy solution or Soudal Finishing Solution before skinning. 

  • Repair: With the same material

Joint Dimensions:

  • Minimum Width for Bonding: 2 mm

  • Minimum Width for Joints: 5 mm

  • Maximum Width for Bonding: 10 mm

  • Maximum Width for Joints: 30 mm

  • Minimum Depth for Joints: 5 mm

  • Recommendation Sealing Jobs: Joint Width = 2 x Joint Depth


  • Fix-All® High Tack may be overpainted with water based paints, however due to the large number of paints and varnishes available we strongly suggest a compatibility test before application.

  • The drying time of alkyd resin based paints may increase.

  • Fix-All® High Tack can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. Due to the fact that specific substrates such as plastics, like polycarbonate, etc, may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, we recommend preliminary compatibility test.

  • While producing plastics very often releasing agents, processing aids and other protective agents (like protection foil) are used. These should be removed prior to bonding. For optimum adhesion the use of Soudal Surface Activator is recommended.

  • Fix-All® High Tack can NOT be used as a glazing sealant.

  • Not suitable for bonding aquariums.

  • Fix-All® High Tack can be used for bonding of natural stone, but it cannot be used as a joint sealant on this type of surface. Fix-All® High Tack can therefore only be used on the bottom of natural stone tiles.

  • When applying, make sure not to spill any sealant on the surface of materials.

  • The sanitary formula should not replace regular cleaning of the joint. Excessive contamination, deposits or soap remainings will stimulate the development of fungi.

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