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How To Fix A Leaking Roof Or Gutter With SoudaGum Hydro

Author: Danny Neill - Operations Manager at Platinum Chemicals Ltd

How To Fix A Leaking Roof Or Gutter

Have you found a leak in your roof or gutter?

Platinum Chemicals supply several brush applied Waterproof Coatings for instant repair of roofs and gutters. Here, we will focus on Soudagum Hydro.

There are three simple steps when fixing a leaking roof or gutter:

  • Clean and dry the roof surface or gutter

  • Prepare the product for application

  • Start applying the SoudaGum Hydro and Soudatextile Membrane


SoudaGum Hydro

Soudagum Hydro is a Hybrid Polymer, Solvent Free, Waterproof Protective Coating which is designed for use for a broad range of applications from Roof & Gutter Repair to general sealing and protection of interior and exterior joints, gaps and cracks.

The single-component liquid membrane is suitable for application on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

SoudaGum Hydro may be reinforced with a fleece lining, such as Soudatextile, between two layers of the liquid coating.

Soudagum Hydro is supplied in 1Kg Kits (with gloves, brush etc...) or in 5Kg and 10Kg Buckets.

The Video below shows application using the 1Kg Kit.



Signs of a Leaking Roof

1) Damp Patches or Staining on Ceilings

Probably the most obvious sign of a leaking roof is the the appearance of light brown stains or spots on your interior ceilings. Typically these form in the shape of 'puddles' with faint rings around the edges.

2) Dripping or Puddling

Again, another obvious way of telling your roof is leaking is by finding drips in your loft area which can cause damp patches or even puddling on your loft floors. Drips can also be heard if there no noise in the surrounding area. 

3) Rot Formation on Timber and Masonry Surfaces

The formation of Dry Rot (Serpula Lacrymans) on masonry walls or structural timbers may be another sign. In most cases however, the warning signs mentioned above are most likely identified before any extensive damage is caused. But by ignoring those signs, or 'getting to it eventually' could potentially lead to much more serious problems such as Dry Rot (and / or Wet Rot) on timbers and masonry walls further down the line. Read our other blog on How to Identify Dry Rot & Wet Rot on Structural Timbers.

4) Roof Debris

Check your roof, gutters and downpipes for any roof material debris such as roof shingles, broken roof tiles, roof felt etc... That debris has obviously become detached from somewhere on the roof and could possibly be an opening for any water to travel through.


Signs of a Leaking Gutter

1) Water Dripping from a Hole or Crack 

Stating the obvious again, but the most telling sign of a leaking gutter is for water to travel through a crack or an 'opening' where it's not supposed to. On a positive note, it's very easy to identify where the leak is coming from.

2) Gutters Sagging 

Are your gutters 'sagging' or pulling away from your home? The chances are they are not funnelling water the way they should, which can lead to leaks.


Products Required


Step By Step Instructions

1) Clean and Dry the Roof Surface or Gutter

Remove all dirt, grease and dust from the area the the SoudaGum Hydro is being applied to. To do this use a coarse brush and a cloth if necessary. Remove all traces of existing coating materials.

NOTE: SoudaGum Hydro may be applied to slightly damp surfaces, but it cannot be used in standing water.

2) Prepare the Product for Application

We always recommend using a pair of Safety Gloves when applying SoudaGum Hydro. Open the lid and stir the product before using.

3) Start Applying SoudaGum Hydro and Soudatextile Membrane

Using a brush or roller, spread a first layer of the product on the cracked area. The product must be applied at least 1mm thick.

Soudatextile Membrane is recommended for larger cracks that exceed 2mm diameter. It may also be used to give the repair extra reinforcement. Apply Soudatextile Membrane shortly after the first layer of SoudaGum Hydro, when it is still moist. It's best to cut the Soudatextile Membrane to match the size of the crack.

Wait for the first coat to dry completely, then apply a second layer of Soudagum Hydro, again at least 1mm thick.

4) Repair Done!

The repair is rainproof 2 hours after using the product.


Health & Safety

Working on roofs is a hazardous activity as it involves working at height. Falling while working on roofs can cause serious injury, permanent disability or even death. Please follow the correct guidance on how to plan and work safely on roofs before carrying out any roof work or repairs.


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