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Choosing The Right Glove For Hand Protection In The Workplace

Author: Danny Neill - Operations Manager at Platinum Chemicals Ltd

Choosing The Right Wonder Grip Glove For Hand Protection In The Workplace

Hand injuries are the most common type of injury in the workplace. Such injuries and accidents are common in Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail, Construction, Catering, Transport and Storage, Agriculture, Forestry, and even the Fishing Industry.

As we can see from the list... most sectors should be concerned by hand accidents, it's therefore very important to take care of our hands during work!

Although hazards can arise in any work environment and it is impossible for an employer to avoid them completely, a company can take preventative measures to significantly reduce the risk of injury and to ensure the protection of employees, workers, and of the working environment via Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Workplace conditions vary massively from job to job. Whether it's for use indoors or outdoors, for use in wet, cold or oily conditions, or perhaps you need a Cut Resistant Glove for handling sharp objects? Here at Platinum Chemicals, we offer a wide range of Premium Grade Wonder Grip Gloves, perfect for use in most working conditions.


We stock a huge range of Wonder Grip Work Gloves suitable for the following hazards and working environments:

  • Gloves For Wet, Cold & Oily Conditions

  • Gloves For Chemical Resistance

  • Cut Resistant Gloves

  • General Purpose Gloves


Gloves For Wet, Cold and Oily Conditions

At Platinum Chemicals, we offer a wide range of Wonder Grip Gloves, perfect for use in Wet, Cold and Oily Conditions.

How Are Waterproof Gloves Tested?

The Water Penetration Test is used when determining the EN511 score of a product. The glove is submerged in water for 30 minutes, if water passes through to the inside it will class as a fail and shown with 0. However, if after 30 minutes the water hasn’t penetrated to the inside, the glove will score a pass and be shown as 1.

How Is Cold Resistance Measured?

The cold resistance can be determined by looking at the EN 511 score of a product. European standard EN 511 specifies the thermal resistance and insulation capacities of protective gloves against convection cold and direct contact cold down to -50°C.

The levels of resistance to cold and water penetration make it possible to assess the effectiveness of the protective glove depending on the environment and the tasks to be performed. To be EN 511 standardized, PPEs undergo various tests:

The first one is the resistance to convective cold. In order to measure the thermal insulation of a protective glove, it has to go through a test that will determine the power required for it to maintain a constant temperature between the surface of the preheated hand and the cold ambient atmosphere. This level of performance is characterized by a number between 0 and 4.

The second one is the resistance to contact cold. This test measures the thermal resistance of the material used for the design of the glove when it meets a cold object. This resistance class is also classified between 0 and 4.

Finally, the glove is immersed in water, up to the wrist line, for 5 minutes to determine its resistance to water penetration.

Fully Waterproof Gloves

Our Fully Waterproof range of Wonder Grip Gloves comprises the very popular WG-318 AQUA and WG-338 THERMO PLUS Gloves.

The Wonder Grip WG-318 Aqua is a 100% Waterproof, double latex fully coated glove, constructed on a 13-gauge nylon liner. Thanks to Wonder Grip Technology™, the coating brings an unparalleled grip and strength in wet environments. It also has a water-repellent coating with a natural fit, for continuous comfort over long periods of use.

The Wonder Grip WG-338 Thermo Plus is also 100% Waterproof, as well as being Cold and Heat Resistant and having Cut Level A3/C Protection.

Waterproof Gloves

Liquid and Cold Resistance Gloves

For Liquid and Cold Resistance, look no further than the WG-538 FREEZE FLEX PLUS.

This glove includes the latest innovation in cold-resistant hand protection using a specifically developed Nitrile Coating, SZNT™. It is a fully double coated cold-resistant glove that also remains flexible and comfortable to use in wet and below freezing conditions.

Liquid and Oil Resistance Gloves

Here we have a range of gloves that provide protection against Liquids and Industrial Oils.

The WG-518W OIL PLUS and WG-528L OIL GUARD are both constructed on a 15-gauge nylon liner and thanks to Wonder Grip Technology™, the coating brings excellent dexterity and grip in wet environments.

Both gloves ensure outstanding protection in wet, greasy or oily environments.

For a Liquid and Oil Resistant Glove with additional A4/D Cut Resistance, we have the WG-718 DEXCUT®. This particular glove is extremely robust and has a flexible nitrile coating offering unrivalled oil and mechanical resistance.


Gloves For Chemical Resistance

At Platinum Chemicals, we offer a range of Wonder Grip that protect your hands from Chemical Hazards.

Chemical hazards can be the cause of many injuries, such as burns, which is why appropriate PPE should be used when the job requires the handling of chemicals.

What Is The EN Standard For Chemical Risks?

The standard against chemical risks is EN 374. Accredited products are marked with the EN 374-2 and EN 374-3 pictograms.

Since 2016, accredited products are marked with different symbols. To begin with, EN ISO 374-2 determines that gloves protect against dangerous chemicals. This part determines the penetration resistance: penetration is the movement of a chemical and/or microorganism through holes or other imperfections in a protective glove material at a non-molecular level.

In addition to EN ISO 374-3, EN ISO 374-5 also includes tests to determine protective performance against micro-organisms. These two tests are carried out on Wonder Grip® gloves to accredit them to the EN-374 standard.


The Wonder Grip® WG-658L Chem Defender is accredited EN 374-5, but is also Cut and Heat Resistant. It is a nitrile coated glove, efficient as well in dry as in oily or humid environments.

The tripled coating of Wonder Grip Technology™ is combined with Wonder Grip's Preformed Moulds TPDT™ (Thermo-Set Pre-Curved Design Technology™), placed inside a mould that reproduces the natural shape of a hand at rest during soaking, the gloves are also washed and dried via a specific in-house developed method, which offers our users freedom of movement and increased sensitivity, offering excellent ergonomic performance as well as unrivalled grip.

A good asset of this glove is also the length of the cuff, 30 centimetres, which allows the hands of the users to be fully protected, and the cuff can be folded to prevent the chemical from dripping down the wearer’s arms and body.

This glove can be useful for applications related to oil and gas, agriculture, and waste management.

Wonder Grip OP-600L OPTY

The Wonder Grip OP-600L OPTY™ glove is a protective glove efficient against chemical risks in dry, oily or humid environments. The palm coating of this protective glove features a rough finish, allowing additional grip control in every environment: dry, as well as humid, or even oily: this glove features a triple PVC coating ensuring a perfect oil resistance. Nevertheless, the coating is soft and allows enhanced hand movements for superior dexterity and reduced muscular fatigue.

In addition, the liner made of seamless cotton offers an incomparable dexterity, combined with an optimized fit and extended anti-wear properties to allow safe handling of chemicals.

Finally, the hands of the user are fully protected with the long cuff (30cm length). This length allows increased protection, can also be folded to prevent chemicals from dripping down the wearer’s arms and body, and can be useful for applications related to agriculture, construction and public works, waste management, oil and gas and the mining industry.

This glove is accredited EN 374: 2016 with the AKJ Test, meaning that the permeation test was done and succeeded with methanol, n-Heptane and Sodium Hydroxide 40%. This is type B protection: in contact for more than 30 minutes with these chemicals, the glove was proven impervious.

Also accredited EN 374-5:2016, the OP-600L OPTY™ protective glove has proven to protect against bacteria and fungi.


Cut Resistant Gloves

At Platinum Chemicals, we offer a range of Wonder Grip Cut Resistant Gloves which include the Dexcut®, Rock & Stone, and OPTY™ lines.

How Is Cut Resistance Measured?

Cut resistance can be tested by the EN388 standard for mechanical hazards. Thanks to this standard, we are able to know certain capacities of a protective glove:

First, the Abrasion Resistance is tested. It is evaluated in a number of cycles and a protection index of 1 to 4 is then given to the glove. You should know that the higher the index, the better the resistance and the better the protection will be. An “X” means the glove did not pass this particular test.

Then, the Resistance to Cutting by slicing is tested in turn: it is evaluated in an index called ‘Coup Test’ and gives rise to a classification of the gloves, according to a protection index of 1 to 5 this time.

Tear Resistance is also tested thanks to EN388. It is evaluated in Newtons and gives rise to a protection index ranging from 1 to 4.

Finally, this standard also includes resistance to perforation, also evaluated in Newtons and giving rise to a protection index ranging from 1 to 4.

Since 2016, the EN388 standard also includes a new cut resistance test according to the ISO EN13997 method. The resistance is evaluated in Newtons and results in a classification, from A to F, F being the highest, representing the level of protection against cuts. This method tests the cut resistance performance of the glove with a straight blade and higher pressure, therefore showing which gloves perform better.

You can find each criterion under the pictogram of standard EN388 for all Wonder Grip® gloves, allowing you to choose the glove that meets your needs and gives you the right protection.

The DEXCUT® Range

The Dexcut® Range include a wide range of gloves specially designed to resist cuts. The minimum cut-off score for Dexcut® Gloves is Level C and goes up to Level E.

LATEX Palm Glove With Cut Resistance

Our Dexcut® WG-733 is a Cut Level A4/DLATEX Palm Glove designed for heavy-duty work in a dry or slightly greasy environment involving medium to heavy cut risks.

A feature of this particular glove is the 'Wonder Grip® HDML™ Coating' which offers a non-slip surface, exceptional anti-wear properties and double protection against thermal hazards. The unique features of WG-733 make this glove the ultimate heavy-duty solution.

NITRILE Palm Glove With Cut Resistance

The Dexcut® WG-788 Gloves is manufactured with a Single Nitrile Palm constructed on a 13-gauge Spandex, Mineral Fiber & HPPE Tsunooga™ Liner.

The Dexcut® WG-788 provides a high Cut-Resistance (ISO 13997 Level D and ANSI A4), while offering unrivalled flexibility and unparalleled comfort. The Dexcut® WG-788 is also touch-screen and smartphone compatible.

In addition to the above, other Cut Resistant Dexcut® Gloves in our range include the WG-780, the WG-718 and the WG-787.

The 'Rock & Stone' Range

The peculiarity of WG-333 Rock & Stone Glove is the combined Triple Resistance to Cut, Heat, and Cold while providing exceptional grip.

The WG-333 Rock & Stone is ideal for all manual work requiring robust protection combined with dexterity. It is resistant to cold as well as to contact heat.

Thanks to its rough surface, the surface is non-slippery and the grip on objects is outstanding. This exceptional grip makes this glove the perfect protection for construction works. The user will also be protected when using slightly sharp materials.

Finally, its comfort is incomparable, thanks in particular to the respect for the natural shape of the hand.

The OPTY™ Range

The PU Coated OPTY™ Range also include a range of Cut Resistant Gloves.

OPTY™ Gloves feature 'Xtended Performances XP!™' Technology, which provides excellent flexibility, uncompromising wear resistance properties and unparalleled grip in a dry environment.

Among the OPTY™ range we have the OP-795, a PU Palm Coated Glove which offers Level A5/E Cut Resistance, the HIGHEST Level of Cut Resistance within our full range of Work Gloves.

The OP-795 OPTY™ is engineered to offer protection against Heavy Cut Hazards (ISO 13997 Level E and ANSI A5) with no compromise to comfort, offering a smooth fit and solid grip in dry environments.

In addition to the OP-795 OPTY™, other Cut Resistant OPTY™ Gloves in our range include the OP-765, the OP-775 and the OP-785.


General Purpose Gloves

At Platinum Chemicals, we also offer a wide range of Nitrile Palm Coated and Latex Palm Coated General Purpose type Wonder Grip Gloves suitable for use in normal every day conditions.

These types of gloves are mostly worn by those who work in low hazard environments which don't require a specific resistance to those mentioned above (i.e Cut, Cold, Chemicals Resistance etc...).

Nitrile Coated General Purpose Gloves

Nitrile Coated Gloves are usually renowned for being 'Heavy Duty' type Gloves. Indeed, Gloves based on Nitrile Rubber are a lot more Puncture Resistant than Gloves based on Latex Rubber, whilst also offering more Chemical Resistance than Gloves based Latex and Vinyl.

Nitrile Gloves are also excellent for use when working in oily environments.

Among our best selling Wonder Grip NITRILE Gloves are the WG-1855HY U-FEEL, the WG-1857 NEO, the WG-500 FLEX and the WG-555 DUO.

Latex Coated General Purpose Gloves

Gloves which are manufactured from or coated with Latex Rubber have many advantages, one of the most obvious being that they have a far superior grip compared to PU, PVC and even the increasingly popular Nitrile Coated Gloves

Other benefits of Latex Coated Gloves are that they are highly elastic and have a higher tear and temperature resistance to other coatings.

Among our best selling Wonder Grip LATEX Gloves are the WG-300 COMFORT LITE, the WG-310H COMFORT, the WG-360R COMFORT ADVANCE and the WG-355 DUAL.

View Our FULL RANGE of Wonder Grip Gloves HERE

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