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Soudafoam Gap Filler vs. Soudafoam Window & Door: Which One to Use?

In today's booming construction and DIY markets, the demand for flexible and efficient materials has never been more significant.

Soudal Soudafoam Expanding Foams rise to the challenge by providing a versatile solution that is tailored to suit a variety of applications, whether it be gap-filling or window and door installations.

Expanding foam is an indispensable material used in various DIY and construction projects. It fills gaps, seals cavities, insulates, and binds materials like wood, concrete, and metal. It is easy to use and sets quickly, making it a go-to material for many projects.

However, the key to getting a professional and long-lasting result is to select the right expanding foam based on the application. This choice depends on several factors, like the amount of space to be filled, the surfaces to be bonded, and the thermal and acoustic insulation requirements.

One critical factor to consider is the type of expanding foam you need: High Volume or High Yield?

Each type offers unique benefits and properties that make them suitable for specific applications.

In this article, we will delve into the nuances of High Volume vs. High Yield  Expanding Foams and how these distinctions optimize Soudal Soudafoam products for specific uses.


Understanding High Volume Vs. High Yield Expanding Foams

Before we explore the Soudal Soudafoam product range, it is crucial to grasp the fundamental differences between high yield and high volume expanding foams.

High Volume expanding foams prioritize volume expansion. They produce a high volume of foam but do not expand linearly as much as high yield foams. These foams are best for applications where coverage and filling space are of utmost importance and provide top-notch thermal and acoustic insulation.

On the other hand, High Yield expanding foams are designed to expand linearly, which means they can continuously provide an impressive linear meterage rate - perfect for applications involving elongated areas or long seals. These foams offer excellent adhesion and are ideal for creating strong bonds between surfaces.


Soudal Soudafoam Product Range

Now that we have understood the differences between high volume and high yield expanding foams let us dive into the Soudal Soudafoam product range thoroughly:


The 'Gap Filler' Range

The Soudafoam Gap Filler range is designed specifically for High Volume expansion.

With just one product in this range, Soudafoam Gun Gap Filler, this foam targets general-purpose gap filling needs. It is perfect for filling in voids and effectively sealing intricate gaps in various construction and home repair scenarios.

Soudafoam Gap Filler offers high insulation values, a fast curing time, and a robust and airtight seal. It also has excellent adhesion properties, making it versatile and suitable for filling large gaps as well as small cracks.

Typical Gap Filling Application



The 'Window & Door' Range

In contrast to the Gap Filler Range, the Window & Door Range emphasizes the strength of linear expansion (High Yield). There are three distinct products in this category, each offering specialized features for specific window and door installation applications:

  • Soudafoam Gun Window & Door

Soudafoam Gun Window & Door is a general purpose expanding foam tailored for window and door installations, providing a solid basis for linear expansion and achieving a strong bond between surfaces. It offers excellent adhesion to various surfaces such as wood, PVC, and metal.


  • Soudafoam Gun Window & Door XTRA

The 'XTRA' variant offers an enhanced version of the original, boasting even greater linear expansion (up to 50%) for increased efficiency and convenience in larger scale projects. It provides excellent thermal insulation and acoustic properties, making it suitable for harsh environments.


  • Soudafoam Gun Window & Door SWS

As the superior window and door foam solution, Soudafoam Gun Window & Door SWS holds Airtight capabilities, unparalleled thermal and acoustic values, and outstanding flexibility once cured. This versatile foam can be applied in temperatures as low as -10C, providing reliable performance in harsh environments or challenging climatic conditions.

The Window & Door range is designed to provide fast and efficient installation of windows and doors while sealing gaps and preventing air and moisture infiltration. They offer high adhesion to different surfaces, including wood, PVC, and metal, making them perfect for the construction industry.

Typical Installation of an Interior Door Frame Using a High Yield PU Foam



DuraValve™ System

All of the abovementioned Soudafoam PU Foam Products are fitted with DuraValve™a valve system fitted on Gun Grade cans that is specifically designed to improve the yield and performance of Soudafoam Expanding Foam products. There are several benefits of DuraValve™ including:

  • Improved Yield: DuraValve™ helps to improve the yield of expanding foam products in several ways. The valve system ensures that the foam is delivered in a consistent and controlled manner, which reduces the amount of wasted product and improves the overall yield of each can. This means that you can use less product to achieve the same results, which can help to reduce costs and save you time.

  • Longer Shelf Life: Another major benefit of DuraValve™ is that it can help to extend the shelf life of Soudafoam products. Standard valves can become blocked or clogged over time, which can make it difficult to use the product effectively or at all. DuraValve™ has been specifically engineered to prevent blockages and reduce the risk of valve failure, which helps to ensure that your Soudafoam products remain usable over much longer time periods.

  • Consistent Performance: The DuraValve™ system delivers a consistent and controlled flow of expanding foam, which helps to ensure that your results are predictable and reliable. This means that you can achieve the same level of performance and quality every time you use the product, which is especially important for professionals who need to achieve consistent results on different job sites.

  • Standard for Gun Grade Soudafoam Products: DuraValve™ is now a standard feature on all Gun Grade Soudafoam products. This means that you can benefit from the improved yield and longer shelf life without having to pay extra or search for a special version of the product.

Overall, DuraValve™ provides significant benefits for anyone using Soudafoam expanding foam products. With improved yield, longer shelf life, consistent performance, and standard availability, it is an essential feature for professionals who rely on expanding foam for their work.


Choosing The Correct Product

The correct choice of Soudafoam PU Foam product is critical for achieving the best possible results for your project. Whether you are insulating your home, filling gaps, or sealing windows and doors, Soudafoam's range of products can help you get the job done with ease. 

To help you choose the correct product, please refer to our handy Product Selector below.

 Soudafoam PU Foam Product Selector



In conclusion, the Soudal Soudafoam product range showcases the power of High Volume and High Yield expanding foams, creating targeted solutions for diverse applications. The choice of expanding foam depends on several factors like the amount of space to be filled, the surfaces to be bonded, and the thermal and acoustic insulation requirements.

With a clear understanding of high yield and high volume expanding foams, we can confidently select the right expanding foam for our needs. Whether it be the Soudafoam Gap Filler for general-purpose applications or the Soudafoam Window & Door range for specialized installations, Soudal Soudafoam products offer a versatile solution for construction and DIY projects.

At Platinum Chemicals, we pride ourselves on providing efficient and reliable solutions to our customers. Our Soudal Soudafoam expanding foam range is no exception, providing long-lasting results that meet the highest specifications and standards.


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