Passyfier Sleeved-230 Vent

Passyfier Sleeved-230 Vent

Passyfier® | Dehumidifier Vents

The Passyfier Sleeved-230 Vent is a through-the-wall Sleeved Dehumidifier Vent capable of transmitting up to 2.3 Litres of water vapour per 24 hours. Airflow through the opening is controlled automatically by the intervening mineral wool slab and thereby avoids undue draughts. Platinum Building Chemicals supply a range of competitively prices condensation control Passyfier sleeved vents for purchase.

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Passyfier Sleeved-230 Vent

The Passyfier Sleeved-230 Vent provides an opening on a section of wall normal to the airflow direction with an effective area well in excess of the minimum requirement. Airflow through the opening is controlled automatically by the intervening mineral wool slab and thereby avoids undue draughts.

It is important to realise that the release of moisture vapour pressure within a dwelling to avoid condensation does not require a specific ventilation rate.

The moisture vapour pressure within a dwelling is always higher than the outside pressure therefore there will always be an escape of moisture vapour by the diffusion process through the Passyfier Vent.

The diffusion process is slow compared with mechanical ventilation and would not cope with the copious amount of water vapour produced in a short time scale without the combined use of mechanical ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms.

Its main use is in habitable rooms where it operates continuously without noise and over a 24 hour period can extract a maximum of 2.3 litres of water/day even at low vapour pressures.


  1. Allow one vent per room with a maximum floor area not exceeding 20m².

  2. In an open plan living room allow for two vents opposite each other.

  3. Use the compatible wind blast cowl with every vent in exposed or coastal locations. Use in conjunction with mechanical extraction in kitchens and bathrooms.

  4. Kill any mould that exists on the floor, wall and ceiling surfaces with a good quality fungicidal wash before redecorating (See our Platinum Mould Eradication Kit).

  5. Install the Passyfier Vent at a high level in retrofit and new-build applications if possible.

  6. Use the Passyfier Sleeved Vent Kit where ever practical to maximise the transmission of water vapour.

Note: Passyfier Vents are used as an aid to help control humidity and are NOT to be used as a method of providing ventilation to any gas, oil, or solid fuel appliance.

Technical Data:

  • Maximum Water Vapour Transmission: 2.3 Litres Per 24 Hours

  • Maximum Floor Area Per Vent Kit: 20m²

  • Main Tube Length (Open): 340mm

  • Main Tube Length (Closed): 240mm

  • Airbrick incorporates ArrestAir-Pro Vane Technology, Actual Size 215mm x 140mm high.

  • To fit 230mm x 155mm Aperture, i.e. Standard 225mm x 150mm (9"x 6") Airbricks

  • Internal White Plastic Grille with Built-In Fly Screen.

  • Plastic Grille has Extra Coverage for Ease of Retro Fitting.

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Technical Data Sheet

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