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How Does Damp Proof Paint Work?

If you're having issues with dampness in your property and have done your research, you will most likely have come across a range of Damp Proof Paint products. You may also be wondering whether not Damp Proof Paint is suitable for the job in hand?

Damp is one of the most common problems in properties in the UK, whether it's Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp or Condensation Dampness, any damp within a property should be treated as early as possible in order to prevent other problems arising such as structural deterioration, timber decay, spoiled decorations, as well as possible health effects through the development of black moulds.

Here we will focus on the benefits of using Damp Proof Paint, and in particular, a product called Technoseal DPM, one of our top-sellers. 


How Can Damp Proof Paint Help With Damp Problems?

Damp Proof Paints are strong moisture resistant paints specifically formulated for treating interior wall surfaces and can be easily applied and maintained. They are hassle-free and reliable, ensuring long-lasting protection against dampness.

Technoseal DPM, our best selling Damp Proof Paint, provides a seamless barrier against water penetration, as well as radon, gas methane and carbon dioxide. it is a viscous liquid of similar consistency to emulsion paint and dries to form a tough, semi gloss finish.

If the rooms in your house are suffering from dampness caused by water penetration, then using a damp proof paint will ensure that they will appear fresher, brighter and most importantly free of dampness.

Damp Proof Paints are mainly used as a primary coating on walls and floors to stop dampness resurfacing, for example, in bathrooms prior to tiling or on a ground floor prior to installation of wooden flooring. They should not be used to 'patch up' problems associated with Rising Dampness, nor should they be used to paint over black mould spots caused by Condensation Dampness. Other treatments are available in our Online Store for these types of damp problems.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Damp Proof Paint?

  • Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous and Solvent-Free.

  • Ideal in wet and humid areas - Floors and Walls in Wet Rooms and Kitchens.

  • Easy application by Brush, Roller or High Pressure Spray.

  • Can be applied to Damp Walls and Floors.

  • Can be applied to Blockwork, Stone, Brick, Timber or Concrete.

  • Can be Plastered and Boarded on top.


Where Can Damp Proof Paint Be Used?

  • Floors: Under / above screeds to provide a Damp Proof Membrane.

  • Basements: As part of a waterproofing system below ground level.

  • Walls: Can be used under render or plaster as a water barrier or vapour barrier.

  • Timber Joist Ends: Protects Joist Ends from dampness in 'high risk' areas.

  • Ponds: Can be used as a finish over Tanking Slurry in ponds which hold aquatic life etc.


Are There Any Disadvantages to Using Damp Proof Paint?

Whilst using a Damp Proof Paint does have its advantages, as listed above, it's also important to know of the disadvantages to using Damp Proof Paint.

If water penetration dampness is caused by any structural defects, such as cracks within the external masonry, then Damp Proof Paint will only mask the problem. Steps should therefore be taken to prevent water or moisture entering the property in the first place from the exterior.

The other disadvantage to Damp Proof Paint is usually caused by as a result of poor surface preparation of the user. Surfaces MUST be free of any previous coatings which may have been applied, as well as free of any dirt, dust or debris meaning the preparation can often take longer than the application of the product, particularly where there have been previous paint coatings, otherwise the product will not perform to its maximum capabilities.


Conclusion - Does Damp Proof Paint Work?

In most cases and if used correctly, then yes Damp Proof Paint is an effective way to protect your home against certain types of dampness.

If you are unsure about the root cause of the damp problem, then you can call us on 01355 222777 where one of our Technical Experts can assist on the best treatments available for the damp problem at hand.


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