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Using Boracol For Teak Deck Maintenance on Boats and Yachts

If you're lucky enough to own a Yacht, then the Teak Deck should be part of your yachts character. Regular cleaning and maintenance is often required to enhance the look of your boat or yacht.


How To Clean A Teak Deck

Acid cleaners are NOT recommended for cleaning teak decks, neither are hard / stiff brooms or pressure washers.

For general cleaning, any Teak Deck should only be cleaned with soft, neutral pH soap or a gentle shampoo, using a very SOFT brush or sponge to spare the soft parts of the wood fibres and seams. Wash across the grain to minimize wear of the teak.


How To Maintain A Teak Deck With Boracol

Teak Decks are prone to algae and mould growth, which disfigures the decking making it unsightly, slippery and a potential risk for causing injury.

Recommended by Hallberg-Rassy among others, Boracol differs from the other products in that it’s a Biocide and Wood Preserver rather than just a basic 'teak cleaner'.

Boracol works by killing off the mould and algae that lives in the wood, allowing the teak to maintain its own protective silver-grey layer once the organisms in the wood have died off.

Simply brush or spray a layer onto slightly damp teak, wait until it’s nearly dry and repeat the process. This is then left for some days whereupon the wood will turn a uniform silver-grey.

Boracol Products are 'moisture reactive', so don't worry if it rains a little during or after application, as this will likely enhance the products performance! If it pours however, it's likely the Boracol will have washed off and you will have to start again.


What is Boracol?

Boracol is a glycol / borate, which contains a combination of active ingredients, with Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) as the main component for the control of algae.

Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (DOT) is included as the product has multiple uses in the building industry for controlling wood decay fungi and although DOT has no direct effect on algae, it does have a synergism with the BAC, extending its active life and efficacy.

Boracol also contains a low volatility glycol alcohol, a moisture scavenger, which helps drive the active ingredients deep into the timber, even if slightly damp.

Here at Platinum Chemicals, we supply Boracol 5Rh and Boracol 10... What is the difference?

Both can be used on Teak Decks for cleaning organic growth and preserving the wood.

  • Boracol 5Rh is the classic 'Teak Deck Treatment', great for use on boats, decking, paths and patios.

  • Boracol 10 is similar to Boracol 5Rh. It contains double the Active Ingredient and will do very much the same job. Here at Platinum however, we aim this product more towards professionals who are looking to treat other issues such as Woodworm Attack and Fungal Decay.

Both Boracol 5Rh and Boracol 10 are ready to use products, available in 5 Litre and 25 Litre containers.


How is Boracol Used?

Follow the step below for a guide on how to use Boracol to achieve the best results.

  1. Wash to remove all dirt and coatings with soft, neutral pH soap or a gentle shampoo, using a very soft brush or sponge as explained above. Allow the surface to dry out until just damp.

  2. Apply one coat of Boracol, by brush or spray, to refusal (that is, visibly wet on the surface, but not running off). Avoid any run off to other parts and from the boat.

  3. Allow the surface to dry out until just damp again.

  4. Apply a second coat of Boracol to refusal.

  5. Coverage tends to vary somewhat but usage rates are normally 4 to 5m² per litre.

Use a paint brush or a sprayer with a flat spray and paint the deck with Boracol. Never use a hard brush on the teak!

Do the work on a dry day, or at worst with a little rain. If it rains too much afterwards or if waves splash over the deck, the Boracol will likely be washed away. Boracol will have no effect having been washed off too quickly.

Boracol can be applied to a dry deck, but a slightly damp surface will aid penetration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There may not be positive results immediately after using Boracol. On the contrary, the deck might look 'worse' than it did before the treatment. However, after approximately ten days you should notice a difference. The algae and mould will disappear leaving the deck clean and should resist an occurrence for some time.

Boracol has no effect on the caulking (rubber) in the teak and also no effect on paint or gelcoat.


When is the best time to use Boracol?

Most yacht owners like to treat their decks with Boracol at the beginning and end of the season, however don't feel the need to resist repeating the treatment whenever you feel necessary.


What else can Boracol be used for?

Boracol is not just limited for use on Teak Decks, it can also be used as an effective organic growth cleaner for patios, decking (in the back garden), paths and walls!

Boracol is also used for the effective treatment of Woodworm (and other Wood Boring Insects) and preserving timbers from Wood Rotting Fungi (Wet and Dry Rot). For this type of treatment we would always recommend using Boracol 10 over Boracol 5Rh.


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