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Dual Protection for Wood - The Chemistry Behind Lignum D156 and WoodGuard Dual

When it comes to maintaining the beauty and structural integrity of wood, it is crucial to use high quality treatment products to prevent decay and damage caused by fungi and insects.

Lignum D156 F/I and WoodGuard Dual F/I are two such products that deliver remarkable results to protect wood from these threats. In this blog, we will dissect the powerful chemistry behind these treatments by examining their active ingredients: Propiconazole, IPBC, and Permethrin.

Additionally, we will explore their benefits and suitable safety precautions when applying.


Active Ingredients and their Functions

1) Propiconazole

Propiconazole is a triazole fungicide known for its broad-spectrum action, which means it is effective against a wide variety of fungi. Its primary function is to inhibit the biosynthesis of ergosterol, a vital component of fungal cell membranes.

The absence of ergosterol results in the destabilization and eventual disintegration of the cell membrane, leading to the death of fungal organisms.

This attribute makes Propiconazole an essential component in our Dual Fungicide and Insecticide Wood Treatment products, as it provides long-lasting protection against wood decay.


2) IPBC (3-Iodo-2-Propynyl Butyl Carbamate)

IPBC is a highly effective, broad-spectrum fungicide and algaecide that complements Propiconazole's action.

IPBC works by interfering with the enzymes responsible for cell division and growth in fungi and algae, preventing their reproduction, and halting the development of infestations.

Its low volatility and persistence make it an ideal ingredient for controlled release, ensuring consistent and prolonged protection.


3) Permethrin

Permethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide that safeguards wood surfaces from destructive insects. It functions by attacking the nervous systems of target insects, causing paralysis and eventually death.

By combining the actions of Propiconazole and IPBC against fungi, and Permethrin against insects, our Dual Fungicide and Insecticide Wood Treatment products offer comprehensive, long-term protection for timber structures.


Understanding w/w (Weight Per Weight)

The term w/w (weight per weight) appears on the labels of these products to indicate the concentration of active ingredients in the formulation. This ratio denotes the mass of a particular ingredient relative to the mass of the total product.

For instance, if a product is labeled as containing 1% w/w Propiconazole, it means that 1 gram of Propiconazole is present in 100 grams of the total product.

This standardized system expresses concentrations consistently across a wide range of substances, ensuring the accuracy and compatibility of formulations.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Recommendations

In order to protect yourself during the application process, it is essential to wear appropriate PPE.

Always follow product label recommendations, but it is generally recommended to use goggles, gloves, a face mask, and appropriate clothing that covers arms and legs. Visit our PPE Hub and browse a wide range of PPE Products.

PPE helps prevent direct contact with or inhalation of dangerous chemicals, minimizing the risk of exposure and ensuring your safety.


Why Choose Platinum Chemicals for Wood Treatments?

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Utilizing powerful active ingredients like Propiconazole, IPBC, and Permethrin, our Dual Fungicide and Insecticide Wood Treatment products provide long-lasting and comprehensive protection to your wooden structures.

By understanding the chemistry behind these ingredients and practicing proper safety precautions during treatment, you ensure the preservation and durability of your valuable timber assets.

Shop now at our Online Store for fast delivery, great customer service, and competitive pricing on these and other high-quality Wood Treatment Products that protect and enhance your wood's beauty and lifespan.



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