Boron Powder 0.5 and 2.5kg
Boron Powder 0.5 and 2.5kg

ACS Professional Treatments

ACS Professional Treatments: Our range of ACS Borates are Professional Grade Timber Preservatives that has been extensively researched to provide effective treatment against Woodworm (and other wood-boring insects), and also against Fungal Decay on Timbers, such as Dry Rot and Wet Rot. Compared with other wood treatments, borates have the distinct advantage of exhibiting superb penetration into damp timber. The benefits of using... Read More

ACS Professional Treatments

ACS,Dual Woodworm & Rot,Dry Rot Only,IPBC Biocide,Boron,Ready To Use,Concentrate,Interior Use,Exterior Use,
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BrandTreatment TypeBaseProduct FormProduct Suitability


All 0.5Kg Bag (Concentrate) 2.5 Litres 2.5Kg Bag (Concentrate) 5 Litres



Treatment Type

All Dry Rot Only Dual Woodworm & Rot


All Boron IPBC Biocide

Product Form

All Concentrate Ready To Use

Product Suitability

All Exterior Use Interior Use
Boron Powder 0.5 and 2.5kg

ACS Borotreat 10P Boron Powder - Boron Woodworm & Dry Rot Treatment

£37.50 ex. VAT | £45.00 inc. VAT
Boron Timber Rods 12x100mm

ACS Boron Timber Rods - Boron Woodworm & Dry Rot Treatment

£15.25 £11.25 ex. VAT | £18.30 £13.50 inc. VAT
ACS Dry Rot Paint

ACS Dry Rot Paint

£27.50 ex. VAT | £33.00 inc. VAT