Thor Helical Remedial Epoxy Acrylate

Thor Helical Remedial Epoxy Acrylate

Thor Helical Remedial | Remedial Grouts & Resins

Thor Helical Remedial Epoxy Acrylate is a high performance, fast curing, thixotropic grout with water resistant properties. Thor Helical Remedial Epoxy Acrylate is particularly effective were a waterproof or chemically resistant bond is required.

Thor Helical Remedial Epoxy Acrylate can be used for many applications, such as anchoring of machinery; permanent installation of reinforcement, dowelling and starter bars, foundation bolts into concrete or brickwork, hand rails, safety fences, wall ties, rail tracks, tie-back anchors, etc..

Supplied in 400ml Cartridges Complete with Mixer Nozzle. Available in Grey colour only.


Thor Helical Remedial Epoxy Acrylate

Thor Helical Remedial Epoxy Acrylate has been specially formulated as a thixotropic, high strength grout for the permanent anchoring of bolts into concrete or brickwork

Thor Helical Remedial Epoxy Acrylate is equally suitable for bonding together most
materials found on construction site.

Thor Helical Remedial Epoxy Acrylate will, when used correctly, provide a high strength bond, which is waterproof, chemically resistant, vibration proof and stress free.

Product Benefits:

  • Excellent Adhesion

  • Rapid Strength Gain

  • High Strength

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Resistant to Thermal Recycling

  • Low Temperature Cure

  • May be used in Overhead Applications

  • Pre-packed Ready for use

Typical Applications:

  • As a bonding agent.

  • Where a waterproof bond is required.

  • Where a chemically resistant bond is required.

  • Where a vibration-proof bond is required.

  • When bonding near to an edge.

  • Where a stress free bond is required.

Typical Properties:

Gel & Cure Times

Temperature (°C) Gel Time (Minutes) Minimum Cure Before Loading (Hours)
5°C 15 Minutes 3 Hours
10°C 10 Minutes 2 Hours
20°C 7 Minutes 1.5 Hours
30°C 5 Minutes 1 Hour

Typical Tensile & Shear Strengths To BS 5080 in 25kN Concrete

Fixing Diameter Tensile (kN) Shear (kN)
M8 19.0 13.5
M10 21.7 16.5
M12 41.0 29.5
M16 75.0 49.0
M20 105.0 72.0


Holes should be formed by a minimum of 2mm greater diameter than the bolt to be inserted, using rotary percussive drilling techniques.

If it has been necessary to diamond drill the holes, then they should be roughened or under reamed.

Pre-cast holes should have their sides roughened prior to filling. All dust, drilling debris and other contaminants should be removed, bars and bolts should be de-greased and all rust removed.

Application Method:

Remove the cap and protective insert from the cartridge and screw on the static mixer nozzle.

Fit the cartridge into an appropriate applicator gun, such as the Thor Single-Cartridge Resin Applicator, and gradually apply pressure by activating the trigger until material exudes from the end of the nozzle. Stop pressurising and allow the resin to flow until a uniform colour is achieved.

Insert the nozzle into the base of the hole and activate the trigger, removing the nozzle slowly as the hole fills.

Once sufficient resin is in the hole, release the pressure, wipe excess resin from the nozzle and place the stud to be fixed into the hole with a twisting action to ensure full contact between hole side, resin and stud.

Allow the resin to cure fully before loading. Partly used cartridges are reusable.

Remove the mixing nozzle, wipe away surplus resin and replace the nose plug and cap.

Approximate Number of Fixings Per Cartridge

Bolt Diameter (mm) Hole Diameter (mm) Hole Depth (mm) Per 400ml Cartridge
8mm 10mm 80mm 110 Fixings
10mm 12mm 90mm 60 Fixings
12mm 14mm 110mm 40 Fixings
16mm 18mm 125mm 20 Fixings
20mm 22mm 170mm 9 Fixings
24mm 28mm 210mm 5 Fixings
Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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