Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain

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Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain

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Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain is a High Quality Solvent Based Wood Stain suitable for all types of soft and hardwood to give a decorative wood finish which is tough, durable, flexible and water resistant in all types of situations.

Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain is compatible with other SX70 Products such as SX70 Basecoat and SX70 Topcoat.

Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain is supplied in 5 Litre Tins, available in a wide range of colours.


Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain

Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain is a high quality solvent-based wood stain, containing a flexible alkyd resin along with water repellents, pigments, flow additives, UV absorbers and a broad-spectrum fungicide.

Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain is compatible with other such as SX70 Basecoat and SX70 Topcoat.

Product Benefits:

  • Internal and External use

  • Ready to use

  • Easy application with brush or spray

  • Wide range of Popular Colours

  • Water Resistant

  • Various installations such as Doors, Windows, Fencing, Garden Furniture etc.

  • UV Resistant

Typical Applications:

Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain is suitable for all types of soft and hardwood to give a decorative wood finish which is tough, durable, flexible and water resistant in all types of situations, e.g. on doors, windows, skirtings, dado rails, panelling, soffits, barge boards, etc.

Colour Range:

Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain is available in a wide range of popular colours. Please refer to the Colour Chart below for details.


Surface Preparation:

Surfaces must be sound, clean and dry before coating. Timber must have a moisture content of less than 18%. Existing paint coating must be fully removed back to clean, bare timber.

Previously stained timber should have any loose flaky material removed and then the surfaces lightly sanded in the direction of the grain.

Moss, mould and algae should be treated with a Moss & Algae Cleaner, the growths removed and the timber allowed to dry. Clean all surfaces of timber with methylated spirit.

Some timbers contain extractives that can bleed through coatings; a trial application is recommended. Resinous deposits should be scraped off and cleaned with methylated spirits.

Do not use knotting solutions, allow knots to “bleed out” through the coating and remove resin with a scraper when necessary.

Non-durable external timber should be treated with a Timber Preservative.

Application Method:

Stir well before use. Do not use straight from the container, decant a small amount into a suitable receptacle, do not put back part used material into the can.

Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain is designed to be applied to bare timber or existing wood stains.

A minimum of two coats must be applied.

Apply using a high quality wood stain brush, working in the direction of the grain using the minimum number of brush strokes.

On new work the first coat should be applied to all sides prior to assembly. End grains should be sealed and the backs of beads and rebates coated and special attention should be given to the tops and bottoms of doors and the underside of sills. Metal fixing must be suitable for external use i.e. stainless steel or galvanised.

Nails holes should be filled with Wood Filler.

Apply the second coat as soon as the first has thoroughly dried, around 24 hours in good conditions.

Third and subsequent coats can be applied if a deeper colour or greater protection is required.

Do not apply in temperatures below 10°C, in damp conditions or when rain is imminent.

Drying Time:

Typically touch dry in 3 - 4 hours and hard dry overnight.


Sanded Pine typically 10-12m² per litre per coat. Figures for sawn softwood timber will be lower. Hardwood coverage rates may be slightly higher.


Timber should be inspected regularly to ensure integrity of coating. When recoating becomes necessary thoroughly clean and dry the surface and apply one or two coats of SX70 Wood Stain.


Due to the natural variance in timbers it is essential that the user prepare the timber in the correct manner. Some timber can exude either solvent soluble resins or water soluble tannins that may stain any subsequent coating.

If in doubt a test should be carried out. This is especially the case when using white coatings.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

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Antique Pine


Light Oak

Mid Oak



Red Cedar


Morning Grey




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