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Soudabond PU Foam Adhesives: A Comprehensive Guide and FAQ's

In the evolving world of construction, the need for efficient, reliable, and high-quality bonding solutions is paramount. Soudal’s Soudabond PU Foam Adhesive Range stands as a beacon of innovation in this field, offering a suite of products tailored to various construction requirements.

In this blog, we delve deep into the Soudabond series, exploring each product’s unique characteristics and how they cater to different needs.

Additionally, we’ll address frequently asked questions to provide a comprehensive understanding of this groundbreaking range.


The Soudabond PU Foam Adhesive Range:

Soudabond EASY - PU Adhesive Foam

A multi-purpose foam adhesive, Soudabond EASY offers quick drying and robust adhesion without the need for mixing. It’s particularly effective for bonding insulation panels, fibro-plaster/cardboard plaster panels, and non-load-bearing interior walls. Its main advantage is its time efficiency, reducing work time by up to 30%.


Soudabond PLASTERBOARD - PU Adhesive Foam

Designed specifically for plasterboard panels, this adhesive foam cures fast and allows plastering within an hour. It’s a user-friendly product that eliminates the need for manual mixing, streamlining the plasterboard installation process.

Soudabond BLOCKS - Block & Stone PU Adhesive Foam

This high-strength, semi-collapsible adhesive is engineered for bonding block and stone. Its semi-collapsible nature ensures deep penetration, making it ideal for construction projects involving stone and block materials.

Soudabond TIMBER - Joint & Joist PU Wood Adhesive Foam:

A high-yield, fast-curing adhesive, Soudabond TIMBER is perfect for heavy-duty wood bonding. Its unique collapsing feature into an adhesive gel upon application makes it standout for subfloor decking applications.


How They Differ:

While all four products fall under the Soudabond Range, their applications and formulations differ:

  • Soudabond EASY is versatile for various bonding applications.

  • Soudabond PLASTERBOARD is specialised for plasterboard bonding and fast curing.

  • Soudabond BLOCKS focuses on block and stone construction, offering deep penetration for a robust high strength bond.

  • Soudabond TIMBER is designed for wood, providing a high-yield solution for timber-related construction.


FAQs on the Soudabond Range:

Q) What is the curing time for each Soudabond product?

A) Each Soudabond product has a different curing time. Soudabond EASY and BLOCKS typically cure within 24 hours, while Soudabond PLASTERBOARD allows plastering in just 1 hour. TIMBER cures rapidly upon application.


Q) Can Soudabond products be used outdoors?

A) Soudabond products can be used outdoors. However, they are not UV resistant, so they should be protected from direct sunlight after application (i.e painted over with a suitable paint or coating).


Q) Are there temperature limits for applying Soudabond adhesives?

A) Soudabond adhesives should be applied within a temperature range of -15°C to +35°C, with optimal performance around +15°C to +25°C.


Q) How do Soudabond products fare against water exposure?

A) Soudabond adhesives are water-resistant but not watertight, making them suitable for moist environments but not for areas with standing water.


Q) Can these adhesives bond materials other than their specific applications?

A) While each Soudabond product is designed for specific materials, they can bond to a variety of substrates. However, testing on a small area is recommended for best results


Q) What safety precautions should be taken when using Soudabond adhesives?

A) Use protective goggles and gloves when applying Soudabond adhesives. Ensure good ventilation in indoor settings and follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.


Q) Are Soudabond products environmentally friendly?

A) Soudabond adhesives are solvent-free, making them more environmentally friendly than many traditional adhesives.


Q) How should Soudabond adhesives be stored?

A) Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.


Q) Is a primer needed before applying any of the Soudabond products?

A) Generally, no primer is needed, but surface preparation is crucial for optimal adhesion.


Q) Can Soudabond adhesives be painted over?

A) Once fully cured, Soudabond adhesives can be painted over.


Q) How do you prepare surfaces before applying Soudabond adhesives?

A) Surfaces should be clean, stable, and free of grease, dust, and loose particles. Moist surfaces are generally fine but avoid applying to wet or waterlogged areas.


Q) Are Soudabond products resistant to chemicals?

A) Soudabond adhesives are resistant to various solvents, paints, and chemicals. However, they are not recommended for continuous immersion in chemicals.


Q) What is the shelf life of Soudabond adhesives?

A) Typically, unopened Soudabond adhesives have a shelf life of 12 months when stored properly.


Q) Can these adhesives be used in low-temperature environments?

A) Yes, they can be used in low temperatures, but performance may vary. Ensure the surface and adhesive are within the recommended temperature range.


Q) How do I clean up excess adhesive?

A) Use Soudafaom Gun & Foam Cleaner or Swipex Cleaning Wipes before curing. After curing, mechanical removal is required.


Q) Can Soudabond be used on damp surfaces?

A) Yes, Soudabond adhesives can adhere to moist surfaces but not to substrates with standing water or water films.


Q) What makes Soudabond TIMBER unique for wood applications?

A) It’s designed for wood, offering high-yield, fast curing, and the ability to fill small gaps, preventing squeaky floors.


Q) Are there any substrates that Soudabond adhesives cannot bond to?

A) Soudabond adhesives do not adhere well to PE, PP, PTFE, silicone, and surfaces with standing water.


Q) How does Soudabond PLASTERBOARD speed up the plastering process?

A) It accelerates plastering projects by allowing plastering just 1 hour after application, eliminating mixing time.


Q) What personal protective equipment is recommended when using these products?

A) Protective gloves, goggles, and in some cases, respiratory protection are recommended, especially in poorly ventilated areas.


Q) Can Soudabond BLOCKS be used for both interior and exterior stone work?

A) Yes, it's suitable for both, offering robust bonding for stone and block construction.


Q) How does Soudabond EASY reduce working time?

A) It reduces working time by up to 30% due to its quick application and curing properties.


Q) Can Soudabond adhesives be used for load-bearing applications?

A) Soudabond adhesives are not designed for load-bearing applications. They are meant for bonding and fixing materials in place.


Q) What is the coverage area for each Soudabond product?

A) Coverage varies by product. For example, PLASTERBOARD covers up to 14m² per canister whereas Soudabond BLOCKS covers up to 12m². Check individual product specifications.


Q) Are there any special application techniques for Soudabond adhesives?

A) Apply in beads or dots as per requirements, maintaining appropriate distances and quantities as specified in product guidelines.


Q) How does temperature affect the adhesion quality of Soudabond products?

A) Extreme temperatures can affect the adhesive’s performance. Adhering to recommended temperature ranges ensures optimal bonding.


Q) What is the best way to dispose of Soudabond canisters?

A) Follow local regulations for disposal. Empty canisters should be recycled where facilities exist.


Q) Are Soudabond adhesives compatible with all types of insulation panels?

A) Yes, particularly Soudabond EASY is designed for bonding various insulation panels.


Q) Can Soudabond be used for overhead applications?

A) Some Soudabond products can be used for overhead applications, but it's important to ensure stability and safety during application.


Q) How does Soudabond compare to traditional mortar-based adhesives?

A) Soudabond adhesives offer several advantages over traditional mortar-based adhesives. They are lighter, easier to transport, and provide faster curing times. Additionally, Soudabond adhesives offer more precise application and reduced labor intensity, making them more efficient and cost-effective for many construction scenarios.



The Soudabond PU Foam Adhesive Range by Soudal represents a significant leap forward in construction adhesive technology.

Each product within this range, from Soudabond EASY to Soudabond TIMBER, is meticulously engineered to address specific bonding challenges in construction, offering unique benefits such as time efficiency, strong adhesion, and versatility.

Understanding the nuances of each product ensures that users can select the most appropriate adhesive for their particular project, ensuring optimal results. This range not only simplifies various construction processes but also sets a new standard in adhesive performance, marking a pivotal shift towards more efficient, reliable, and user-friendly construction solutions.

Whether you’re a professional in the field or tackling a DIY project, the Soudabond range offers a dependable and innovative choice for all your adhesive needs.

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