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Plasterboard Adhesive Foam - A Revolutionary New Solution for Modern Construction

In the construction and DIY world, adhesive products play a vital role in securely bonding materials, such as insulation panels and plasterboards. While traditional mortar-based adhesives have been popular, technological advancements have paved the way for more modern and efficient solutions.

Among those solutions comes plasterboard adhesive foam products, such as Soudal Plasterboard Adhesive Foam and Soudabond EASY. This blog will delve into the key benefits they offer compared to traditional mortar-based adhesives, as well as discussing their wide range of possible applications.


Time and Labour Savings

Plasterboard adhesive foam products offer time and labour savings compared to traditional mortar-based adhesives. These adhesives come in spray-foam form, making them easier to apply and more efficient. Thanks to the exceptional bonding capabilities and ease of application, utilising products such as Soudal Plasterboard Adhesive Foam and Soudabond EASY can cut working time by up to 30%. This not only saves you time but also reduces the overall costs associated with labour.


Economical and Precise Application

One significant advantage of plasterboard adhesive foam is the precision application. The precision application allows users to maximize their material usage, which in turn offers cost savings. With a 750ml canister covering up to 12m² of plasterboard, both Soudal Plasterboard Adhesive Foam and Soudabond EASY provide an economical solution for construction and DIY enthusiasts.


Versatility in Application

Another standout feature of these adhesive foams is their suitability for vertical applications. The strong bonding properties make them ideal for use on walls and other vertical surfaces. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for different interior design and structural projects. Moreover, these adhesives can be applied to various materials such as concrete, masonry, stone, plaster, brick and wood, expanding its application in various settings.

Typical Application of Bonding Plasterboard to a Brick Wall using Plasterboard Adhesive Foam



Flexibility and Durability

Plasterboard adhesive foam is also known for its flexibility and durability compared to traditional mortar-based adhesives. Traditional mortar adhesives may become brittle over time, resulting in cracks and potential structural issues. Plasterboard adhesive foam products, on the other hand, remain flexible, preventing brittleness and allowing for better adaptation to changes in temperature and other environmental factors. Furthermore, these products are resistant to a variety of solvents, paints, and chemicals, ensuring long-lasting durability.


Levelling Uneven Surfaces

Plasterboard adhesive foam is not just ideal for achieving a strong bond, but also for levelling uneven surfaces. The foam's ability to expand and contract allows it to fill gaps and prevent inconsistencies, ultimately creating a smooth and even surface upon application. This levelling ability proves useful in ensuring that the plasterboard is evenly and securely attached to the surface.


Space and Weight Savings

Plasterboard adhesive foam products offer significant space and weight savings compared to conventional heavy adhesives and bonding mortars, making them easier to transport and store. These adhesives come in a lightweight spray-foam form, making them more convenient to use and store, ultimately easing the burden on workers and transportation resources.



Plasterboard adhesive foam products provide a more modern and efficient solution for bonding materials compared to traditional mortar-based adhesives. These adhesives offer significant time, labour, and cost savings, making them perfect for quick installations.

They also provide precise application, flexibility, durability, ability to level uneven surfaces, and space and weight savings, making them a favourable option for various construction and DIY projects.

Soudal Plasterboard Adhesive Foam and Soudabond EASY are versatile products that can be applied to walls, concrete, stone, masonry, plaster, wood and bricks, extending its use in various settings.

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