Neoprene Wall Ties

Neoprene Wall Ties

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Neoprene Wall Ties New Product

Fashioned from stainless steel with locking brass nuts, Neoprene Wall Ties are ideal for projects that prioritise brickwork.

The ridges of the inner neoprene spreader work with the anti-slip knurled nut, offering superior grip and uninterrupted expansion.

For additional protection, a dip ring had been fitted on the Neoprene Wall Ties allowing for movement between the two leaves.

Neoprene Wall Ties are available in 3 sizes.


Neoprene Wall Ties

Typical Applications:

Suitable where the walls are sound.

Neoprene Wall Ties are simple to install and inner leaf connection can be checked before the outer leaf is tightened.

Not suitable for timber frame buildings.

Field of Use:

Domestic dwellings, small commercial buildings up to three storeys (no greater than 15M in height), comprising of brick or blockwork of similar thickness.


Expand the tie into both the inner and outer leaf to the recommended torque.

Technical Data

Stainless Steel:

A2 304 grade M5 bar with brass locking nuts, washers and anti-slip knurled nut.

Neoprene Expansions:

  • The inner neoprene spreader has oversized ridges to create an immediate grip on the wall of the hole removing the reliance on the knurled nut to hold whilst the inner section of the tie is expanded.

  • To reduce damage to the brickwork and to allow for movement between the two leaves without reducing any performance in tension. A drip ring is fitted.

Drill Diameter:

  • 10mm - 11mm into normal brick and blockwork.

  • 10mm - 11mm into outer leaf only if Stock or Accrington brick.

Pull Out Strengths (Kn):

Substrate Kn
Stock or Accrington Brick 2.9Kn
Common Brickwork 2.7Kn
Blockwork 2.1Kn
Soft Blockwork 1.9Kn
40N Concrete 3.0Kn
30N Concrete 2.7Kn
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