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Sealant Calculator: Estimate Your Sealant Requirements Easily

How Many Tubes Of Silicone Sealant Do I Need?

When embarking on any construction or DIY project, the devil is often in the details - especially when it comes to finishing touches that ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.

A question we frequently encounter at Platinum Chemicals Ltd, one of the leading UK suppliers of Soudal products, is: “How many tubes of sealant do I need?”

Whether sealing windows, bathrooms, or laying down a new floor, the amount of sealant you’ll need can vary widely depending on the specifics of your project.


The Significance of Sealants

Sealants play a crucial role in construction and home improvement projects. They not only prevent moisture from seeping into undesirable areas but also ensure that your installations remain air and watertight, preserving the integrity and energy efficiency of your property.

With a variety of types available, such as Bathroom & Kitchen Sealants, Window & Door Sealants, and Fire & Heat-Resistant Sealants, choosing the right product is paramount. That’s where our Soudal Sealant Range come into play, offering a range of options for every conceivable need.


Understanding Your Needs

Before diving into calculations and specifics, it’s important to understand the scope of your project. Are you sealing a small crack, or are you undertaking a larger project that involves sealing multiple rooms or windows?

The type of sealant, the size of the area to be covered, and the conditions it needs to withstand will significantly impact your requirements.

Now refer to the formula below as a guide to estimating how many tubes of sealant is needed.


Calculating Sealant Requirements

Calculating the amount of sealant you need is crucial, but thankfully, it’s made easy with our handy calculator below. Before using the calculator, here’s what you should prepare:

  1. Measure the Joint Depth and Width in millimeters (mm): These are critical dimensions as they determine the volume of the gap that needs filling.

  2. Measure the Joint Length in linear Meters: This measurement will give you the total length of the joint that requires sealing.

  3. Know your Cartridge Fill Volume in milliliters (ml): Our Soudal cartridges typically vary between 270ml to 600ml, giving you a range to choose from based on your project’s size.

To determine the number of tubes needed for your project, simply input the measurements into the calculator provided below. It will automatically compute the total volume required and suggest the number of sealant tubes to purchase, rounding up to the nearest whole number to ensure you have a little extra, avoiding the inconvenience of running short.

For instance, if you are undertaking a task such as sealing a window frame with a joint that’s 7mm deep, 8mm wide, and stretches over 40 linear meters, our calculator will do the math for you.

Simply select the appropriate cartridge size (for example, 270ml for Soudal Multi Purpose Silicone, 300ml for Soudal Silirub LMN, or 290ml for Soudal Fix ALL Flexi etc...), and it will indicate how many tubes you should ideally have on hand to complete your project without interruptions.


Sealant Requirement Calculator:

Why Choose Soudal Products?

At Platinum Chemicals Ltd, we’re proud to stock a comprehensive range of Soudal sealants, adhesives, and foams.

Renowned for their quality and durability, Soudal products are designed to meet the needs of both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike. To explore our selection, visit our Soudal Hub Page.



Determining the correct amount of sealant doesn’t have to be a complex puzzle. With the right measurements and a simple calculation, you can ensure that your project proceeds smoothly, with professional-grade results. Remember, the key to a successful project lies not only in how you apply your sealant but also in ensuring you’ve got enough of it to cover all your needs.

For all your sealant requirements, explore our range of Soudal products at Platinum Chemicals Ltd. With our high-quality products and your precise planning, your next project is sure to be a success.

This blog aims to not only guide you through calculating your sealant needs but also to introduce you to the range of products that can make your projects more efficient and enduring.

For any questions or to explore further, don’t hesitate to visit our website or contact our team. Your projects deserve the best, and with Soudal products, you’re making a choice that stands the test of time.


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