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How Many Tubes Of Silicone Sealant Do I Need?

How Many Tubes Of Silicone Sealant Do I Need?

How to Measure the Amount of Sealant Required for the Job

Platinum Chemicals are one of the Leading UK Stockists of Soudal Sealants, Expanding Foams and Adhesives.

We stock a large range of Sealant Products such as Silicone Sealants, Hybrid Polymer Sealants, Polyurethane Sealants and Acrylic Sealants.

However, one of the most common questions we are asked is: How many tubes of Silicone Sealant do I need for the job?

A Quick and Easy Formulation

Working this out is pretty simple.

  1. Grab a Calculator

  2. Measure the Joint Depth in mm (millimetres).

  3. Measure the Joint Width in mm.

  4. Measure the Joint Length in Linear Metres.

  5. Take note of the Cartridge Fill Volume in ml (millilitres). Most of our Cartridges are filled between 290ml and 600ml.

Now refer to the formula below as a guide to estimating how many tubes of sealant is needed.


For Example: A 7mm Deep x 8mm Wide x 40 Linear Metre Joint would require approximately 8 x 300ml Cartridges of Sealant.

Or: An 8mm Deep x 10mm Wide x 100 Linear Metre Joint would require approximately 10 x 600ml Cartridges of Sealant.

Please always allow for for a small amount of wastage.

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