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Premium Quality Work Gloves: A Comprehensive Guide to Wonder Grip Gloves

A good pair of work gloves is essential to protecting your hands from potential hazards on the job, and Wonder Grip is a name that stands out in the market.

With a range of premium quality work gloves expertly designed for protection, dexterity, and grip, Wonder Grip offers something for every worker.

In this blog, we will explore their range of Latex Palm Coated, Nitrile Palm Coated, PU Palm Coated, and PVC Coated Gloves.


Wonder Grip's Three Core Elements

  1. Protection: Wonder Grip work gloves are designed to shield your hands from various workplace hazards, including cuts, abrasions, and chemicals.

  2. Dexterity: The gloves are crafted from flexible materials to provide maximum dexterity without compromising on protection, allowing you to handle complex tasks with ease.

  3. Grip: The unique coating applied to the gloves ensures excellent grip, making the handling of tools and other equipment safe and efficient.


Wonder Grip Latex Palm Coated Gloves

The Latex Palm Coated Glove Range is versatile and offers excellent protection, grip, and dexterity. Some key styles and best sellers in this range include:

WG318 Aqua

Ideal for wet environments, these gloves feature a water-resistant, latex-coated palm, providing outstanding grip in wet and dry conditions. Its 13-gauge nylon liner ensures dexterity, and the gloves are designed for use in various industries, such as construction, gardening, and maintenance, specifically in wet and damp conditions.


WG338 Thermo-Plus

Designed for cold conditions, the WG338 ensures your hands remain warm and dry with its thermal lining. The latex coated palm offers exceptional grip, while the 13-gauge napped acrylic liner ensures dexterity and comfort, particularly in cold, wet and damp conditions.


WG300 Comfort Lite

These lightweight gloves boast a seamless knit 15-gauge nylon and polyester liner for unrivalled dexterity and a comfortable fit. The latex palm coating ensures excellent grip, and they are perfect for precision tasks in dry and wet conditions.


WG333 Rock & Stone

Designed for heavy-duty applications like construction and masonry, these gloves are equipped with a double-latex coated palm on a 10-gauge polyester and cotton liner, offering exceptional grip, abrasion resistance, and mechanical protection.


Wonder Grip Nitrile Palm Coated Gloves

The Nitrile Palm Coated Glove Range are resistant to oil and chemicals, offering versatility, durability, and excellent protection. Key styles and best sellers in this range include:

WG1857 Neo

With an 18-gauge nylon liner and a nitrile palm coating, these gloves offer excellent dexterity and resistance to oil and chemicals, making them perfect for automotive, machining, and metalworking industries.


WG555 Duo

Designed for durability and comfort, these gloves feature a flexible, single palm foam nitrile layer, providing superior grip in wet and oily conditions. The glove’s 15-gauge microfiber and nylon lining ensures comfort during extended periods of use.


WG538 Freeze-Flex

These gloves are ideal for use in cold conditions, featuring a Blue Special Cold Resistant Double Nitrile Coating using hydrophobic and oleophobic technology. It has high resistance to industrial oils, exceptional grip and abrasion resistance in any conditions particularly in wet and oily environments. The insulated 10-gauge acrylic fleece liner ensures warmth and comfort.


WG520IT Thermo Lite

Featuring an insulated 13-gauge Acrylic and Spandex lining and a single nitrile palm coating, these gloves are designed for cold weather tasks that require dexterity and grip. They are perfect for construction, cold storage, and transportation industries.


Wonder Grip DexCut® Range

Wonder Grip's Dexcut® Range is designed to provide superior cut resistance and protection for workers dealing with sharp materials and tools.

Our range of Wonder Grip DexCut® Gloves meet the ISO Cut Level D standard, which is the highest level of cut protection available. Here are some key styles in the range:

WG733 Dexcut®

These gloves offer exceptional cut resistance and comfort, with a 10-gauge seamless Polyester, Spandex & TheCross® liner coated with Latex Single Palm Coating. These gloves are ideal for applications that require handling sharp objects for extended periods.


WG718 Dexcut®

With a 15-gauge seamless HPPE, Glass Fiber & Spandex liner coated with a Triple Nitrile Palm & Back Coating, these premium quality and heavy duty gloves provide excellent cut resistance, dexterity, and grip. Wonder Grip WG718 Dexcut Gloves are regarded as the 'Ultimate Industrial Glove' due to their extremely high performance values.


WG788 Dexcut®

Featuring a 13-gauge seamless Spandex, Mineral Fiber, HPPE, UHMWPE : Tsunooga™ liner with a Nitrile Single Palm Coating, these gloves offer superior cut resistance without sacrificing dexterity. The gloves also feature a sandy nitrile palm coating for increased grip in wet and oily conditions, while offering unrivalled flexibility and unparalleled comfort. The WG788 Dexcut is also touch-screen and smartphone compatible.

Wearing a cut-resistant glove is crucial in preventing hand injuries and lacerations in industries that deal with sharp materials and tools such as construction, automotive, food processing, and metalworking.

Employees who may come into contact with sharp tools or materials should always wear the appropriate cut-resistant gloves to protect their hands and prevent accidents.

Gloves with a high level of cut resistance like Wonder Grip's Dexcut® range provide excellent protection against sharp materials while allowing workers to perform their tasks with confidence and ease.


Other Coating Options

PU Palm Coated Gloves

These gloves have a Polyurethane (PU) coating, offering excellent tactile sensitivity, dexterity, and resistance to abrasion. They are ideal for precision tasks and assembly work. This range also includes many Cut Resistant types.


PVC Coated Gloves

Such as the WG600L OPTY, these PVC Coated Gloves offer durable and chemical-resistant protection in chemical handling and oil-based applications.



Wonder Grip's extensive range of work gloves caters to the diverse needs of different industries, ensuring optimal protection, dexterity, and grip.

By understanding the unique features and benefits of each glove type, workers can make informed choices to maximize their safety and comfort on the job.

Want to know about our Wonder Grip Range? Visit our Wonder Grip Hub Page.


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