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Platinum High Strength SBR: Unrivalled Quality and Unmatched Performance

In the world of construction and civil engineering, materials play a pivotal role in ensuring the longevity and soundness of structures, be it a building, a bridge, or a simple retaining wall.

One such material that has gained immense popularity due to its undeniable benefits is Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR).

This versatile, synthetic material is used across various applications in the industry, primarily as an adhesive or a bonding agent.

While there are multiple options available in the market, Platinum High Strength (42% Solid Content) SBR stands head and shoulders above its competitors, thanks to its superior quality and unyielding performance.

But, is it really better than its cheaper, 'watered-down' (>28% Solid Content) alternatives?

We'll deep dive into this question to uncover the reasons why choosing Platinum High Strength SBR is a wise investment, and will provide examples to demonstrate the merits of opting for a high strength SBR over its diluted counterparts.


Superior Adhesion, Bonding, and Strength

Platinum High Strength SBR comprises an impressive 42% Solid Content, making it a highly concentrated solution. This translates to significantly improved adhesion, bonding, and compressive strength as compared to less-strength alternatives.

With a higher solid content, this SBR offers greater structural integrity, reduced shrinkage, and resists crack formation, which are essential parameters for a long-lasting, durable construction.


Water Resistance, Damp Proofing and Enhanced Flexibility

In contrast to cheaper alternatives, Platinum High Strength SBR excels in providing water resistance qualities, making it the material of choice when it comes to damp proofing a structure.

Its ability to resist water ingress not only protects the structure but also aids in preventing the spread of dampness within the material. This additional layer of protection is critical for keeping a structural integrity intact.

Another key advantage of Platinum High Strength SBR is its ability to impart superior flexibility to substrates like cement and concrete, without compromising on its strength.

It allows for better movement and stress absorption, minimizing the risk of possible fractures and damages due to unexpected load, expansion, or contraction.


In-depth Application Versatility

What sets the Platinum High Strength SBR apart from its lower-strength alternatives is the sheer versatility of its applications. Whether you're dealing with screeding, flooring or waterproof rendering, this high strength SBR provides exceptional performance.

Its resistance against chemicals, weathering, infiltration, and even freezing and thawing cycles make it indispensable in construction projects.

Furthermore, the usability of Platinum High Strength SBR is not limited to new constructions alone.

It can be effectively utilized in repair and renovation works, like fixing cracks and addressing weak points in existing structures.


Long Term Cost Effectiveness

While it might be tempting to cut costs by opting for a low-strength SBR, it's crucial to consider long-term implications. By choosing Platinum High Strength SBR, you not only invest in a superior quality product, but also save on aspects like repair, re-application, and maintenance work.

Its unparalleled performance ensures the longevity of your project, effectively reducing the long-term cost.



When it comes to construction, opting for the best-quality materials is always a good strategy. Platinum High Strength (42% Solid Content) SBR, as we've demonstrated, is far superior to its 'watered-down' (>28% Strength) versions in terms of adhesion, bonding, strength, water resistance, damp proofing, flexibility, and application versatility.

Choosing this high-strength SBR is a smart decision not just for the strength and durability of your project, but also for long-term cost-effectiveness. Don't compromise on quality; invest in Platinum High Strength SBR to reap the benefits associated with a reliable material that stands the test of time.



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