Wykamol Technoseal DPM Damp Proof Paint

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Wykamol Technoseal DPM Damp Proof Paint

Wykamol Group | Damp Proof Paint

Technoseal Damp Proof Paint is a ready to use, SBR based, liquid damp proof membrane (DPM) which provides a seamless barrier against water penetration, radon, gas methane and carbon dioxide.

This damp proof paint is supplied in 5 Litre containers, available in White or Black.


Technoseal DPM Damp Proof Paint

Technoseal Damp Proof Paint is a ready to use, SBR based, liquid damp-proofing membrane which provides a seamless barrier against water penetration, radon, gas methane and carbon dioxide.

Technoseal Damp Proof Paint is a viscous liquid of similar consistency to emulsion paint and dries to form a tough, semi gloss finish.

Product Benefits:

  • Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous and Solvent-Free

  • Ideal in very wet areas - Floors and Walls in Wet Rooms and Kitchens

  • Easy application by Brush, Roller or High Pressure Spray

  • Can be applied to Damp Walls and Floors

  • Apply to Blockwork, Stone, Brick, Timber and Concrete

  • Can be Plastered and Boarded on top

  • For Internal use only unless Rendered / Protected on top

Typical Applications:

  • Floors: Under/ above screeds to provide a damp-proof membrane

  • Basements: As part of a waterproofing system below ground level

  • Walls: Can be used under render or plaster as a water barrier or vapour barrier

  • Ponds: Should be used as a finish over one of our Tanking Slurry Products in ponds which hold aquatic life etc. 



The substrate should be smooth or have a light, even texture. Any masonry should be flush pointed and defects in existing surfaces made good.

Ensure surface is clean, sound and free of dust, loose materials or surface water, but damp substrates are acceptable. It is sometimes advantageous to pre-wet concrete or masonry substrates before application.

Test adhesion to substrate using a sample area before commencing application.


If necessary, the compound can be diluted with up to 10% water, however, care should be taken to ensure the correct dry coat thickness is achieved.

Application Method:

Technoseal Damp Proof Paint can be applied using brush, roller or airless spray.

Single Coat Applications

If a single dry coat thickness of more than 0.3mm is required, it is recommended that Technoseal be applied using airless spray. A single coat thickness of up to 1mm is possible using this application method.

Two Coat Applications

If two coats are being applied it is recommended that the coats be applied at right angles to each other. Before applying the second coat it is necessary to let the first coat become touch dry. The time scale for this will vary according to site conditions, but will typically be after 1 hour.

The second coat should be applied within 24 hours. After all coats have been applied, the membrane should be left foor at least 4 days before attempting any bond tests.

Roof Applications

Blistering can sometimes occur during this application process. This occurs when the heat from the sun causes a vapour pressure build up below the membrane.

The problem is exacerbated if the background concrete is wet. To minimise this risk and ensure a good bond to the substrate, the following should be undertaken.

  • Vigorously brush the first coat into the background concrete using a stiff bristled brush.


  • Prime the roof with a slurry of SBR Bonding Agent, if using roller, or an airless spray application method. Allow the slurry to harden for 2 days before applying Technoseal.

Wall / Floor Junctions

In some situations, e.g. at high stress points such as wall / floor junctions, it is beneficial to use polypropylene fabric (scrim) reinforcement. By choosing a suitable reinforcement it is possible to achieve good control of the coating thickness.

  1. Choose a fabric with an approximate thickness of 0.5mm.

  2. Roll the fabric into the base coat while wet.

  3. Allow the first coat to dry to a tacky condition

  4. Completely fill and cover the mesh with the second coat of Technoseal and a minimum thickness of 0.6mm will automatically be achieved.


Technoseal should not be applied when the temperature of the substrate, or the air temperature is below 7°C and falling.

The dried film, like most organic coatings, is combustible and hence will not be suitable in all situations e.g. it should not be used to coat flammable materials (expanded polystyrene).

A minimum dried coat thickness of 0.6 mm is needed to provide a vapour barrier.

This should be applied in a minimum of two coats.

The incorporation of polypropylene fabric increases the tensile strength but decreases the extensibility.


Up to 5m² based on a two coat application

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet - Technoseal WHITE

Safety Data Sheet - Technoseal BLACK

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