Wykamol EP40 - Two Part Epoxy Floor Paint Coating System

Wykamol EP40 - Two Part Epoxy Floor Paint Coating System

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EP40 Epoxy Floor Paint Coating System is a water based, easy to apply Epoxy Floor Coating system which consists of the EP40 Epoxy Floor Paint PRIMER and the EP40 Epoxy Floor Paint FINISH COAT.

EP40 Epoxy Floor Paint Coating System can be used on concrete floors in a variety of commercial and industrial environments, such as Industrial Plants, Commercial and Retail Stores, Warehouses etc...

  • The EP40 Epoxy Floor Paint PRIMER is supplied in 5kg (Two-Part) Packs, available in Clear colour only.

  • The EP40 Epoxy Floor Paint FINISH COAT is supplied in 5kg (Two-Part) Packs, available in Grey and Clear colours.


EP40 Epoxy Floor Paint Coating System

The EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating System is a water based, easy to apply system which consists of the EP40 Epoxy Floor Paint PRIMER and the EP40 Epoxy Paint FINISH COAT.

EP40 Epoxy Floor Paint Primer is designed to soak into the substrate, block pores, improve adhesion and ensure an even, high quality finish.

After the final application of EP40 Epoxy Floor Paint Finish Coat, floors become easier to clean with a hard-wearing, dust-free, waterproof, impervious finish and are substantially more resistant to damage by fork-lift trucks, chemicals, fuels and lubricants.

Product Uses:

Over concrete floors in a variety of commercial and industrial environments, such as:

  • Industrial Plants

  • Commercial and Retail Stores

  • Warehouses

  • Hospitals

  • Showrooms

  • Garages

  • Gymnasiums

  • Industrial Food Preparation Areas

Product Benefits:

  • Can Be Applied to Green Concrete After 7 Days.

  • Ideal for Areas in Contact With Vehicles Such as Forklifts and Lorries.

  • Ideal for Areas With High Foot Traffic.

  • Excellent Adhesion to Concrete and Wood.

  • Floor Becomes Easier to Clean Due to the Impervious Finish.

  • Makes the Substrate Substantially More Resistant to Chemicals, Fuels and Lubricants.

  • Provides Attractive, Dust-Free Finish.

  • Can Be Used Internally and Externally.

  • Can Be Used as a Liquid DPM (Damp-Proofing Membrane) at Ground Level.


Substrate Preparation:

All substrates should be dry, clean and free from laitance, oil, grease and other contaminants.

Ideally, concrete surfaces should be vacuum shot-blasted or mechanically abraded (grinding) to both clean and open the surface, providing good mechanical key.

Please Note: Following sufficient substrate preparation, EP40 Epoxy Floor Paint  Primer should always be applied prior to the application of either the Grey or Clear Finish Coat.

Substrate humidity should be ≤ 80% before application commences.

The concrete sub-base must be ≥ 25 N/mm² as per BS 8204-6.

The sub-base must be level and have no more than 5mm undulations. If floor unevenness is significant a polymer modified C35 screed can be used to level.


EP40 Epoxy Floor Primer and EP40 Epoxy Finish Coat are both made by combining two components: Part A and Part B.

The Part A container is large enough to act as a mixing vessel when combining Part A and Part B.

By hand, thoroughly mix both Part A and Part B in their own vessels before combining. Add the entire contents of Part B to the entire contents of the Part A vessel and mix thoroughly.

Ideally, use a mechanical mixer under low shear to combine, ensuring minimal air entrapment. Do not allow mixture to sit for any considerable amount of time before applying, as it will begin to harden.


EP40 Epoxy Floor PRIMER

  1. Using a stiff brush or roller, work the product into the substrate, ensuring all areas are completely covered.

  2. Allow to cure for at least 12 hours prior to applying a second coat of primer or EP40 Epoxy Finish Coat. If atmospheric or substrate temperatures are below 20°C, allow for a longer initial curing time. Product should be just tack free.

  3. Depending on porosity and texture of substrate, 2 coats may be necessary.

  4. Do not allow Primer to fully cure - do not allow curing time to exceed 36 hours before applying a 2nd coat of Primer or Finish Coat.


  1. When using EP40 Epoxy Finish Coat in clear, perform a small test application in an inconspicuous area, to ensure the finish is as desired.

  2. One coat of EP40 Epoxy Finish Coat in clear or grey can be applied with a brush or roller, aiming for a continuous coating.

  3. Spread the product as thinly as possible while achieving maximum coverage. Ensure no pooling or excess product remains.

  4. Only 1 application of EP40 Epoxy Finish Coat is necessary for areas which will experience light traffic, such as school corridors. 2 coats should be applied in areas of medium traffic, such as warehouses.

Achieving Slip Resistance

  • Slip resistance can be improved by scattering anti-slip aggregates onto the EP40 Epoxy Finish Coat, whilst still wet, and back rolling at a rate of 75g/m². Following initial cure (16 - 24 hours), apply a second coat of EP40 Epoxy Finish Coat to secure the aggregates.

Conditions & Limitations:

  • ONLY apply system at temperatures between 10°C and 30°C. Applying at temperatures under 10°C will significantly inhibit curing.

  • DO NOT apply to substrates, or in atmospheric conditions, with > 80% humidity.

  • DO NOT use any kind of steam cleaning on the treated surface, even after full cure.

  • DO NOT subject EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating System to high levels of UV light, even after full cure.

  • DO NOT use on floors experiencing hydrostatic pressure from groundwater.

Note: EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating System is not suitable as a continuous waterproof coating for blockwork due to the texture of the substrate. It will, however, provide a wearing surface.


Up to 8m² per 1Kg, depending on substrate porosity and roughness.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet - FINISH COAT GREY Part A

Safety Data Sheet - FINISH COAT GREY Part B

Safety Data Sheet - FINISH COAT CLEAR Part A

Safety Data Sheet - FINISH COAT CLEAR Part B

Safety Data Sheet - PRIMER CLEAR Part A

Safety Data Sheet - PRIMER CLEAR Part B

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