Wykamol HydraDry Tanking Slurry

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Wykamol HydraDry Tanking Slurry

Wykamol Group | Tanking Slurry

HydraDry Tanking Slurry is a cementitious waterproof slurry which creates a monolithic bond of the crystalline chemicals when applied to concrete structures. HydraDry Tanking Slurry waterproofs against positive and negative hydrostatic heads of water and can be used in applications such as Basements, Cellars, Foundations and Swimming Pools to name a few.

 HydraDry Tanking Slurry is supported by BBA Certification Certificate No: 02/3961.

Supplied in 20kg Bags inside a Bucket which can be used for mixing, available in Grey colour only.


HydraDry Tanking Slurry

When HydraDry Tanking Slurry is mixed with clean water and applied correctly, it forms a permanent waterproof coating to the concrete and masonry and is easily applied by brush, roller or spray.

HydraDry Tanking Slurry waterproofs against positive and negative hydrostatic heads of water and is suitable for use, internally, externally, above and below ground.

HydraDry Tanking slurry is also ideal for use for in damp-proofing applications.

Typical Applications:

HydraDry Tanking Slurry is used for the waterproofing of:

  • Basements

  • Cellars

  • Foundations

  • Swimming Pools

  • Concrete

  • Renders

  • Brickwork

  • Block Work Structures

  • Lining Water Tanks, Pools and Planters etc.

  • Internal & External Applications, Above and Below Ground

Product Benefits:

  • BBA Approved

  • Permanent Waterproofing for Concrete & Masonry

  • Resists Positive & Negative Water Pressure

  • Superior Bond Strength

  • Resists Salt Contamination in Masonry

  • Suitable for Internal & External Use

  • Suitable for use Above & Below Ground Level

  • Safe to use in contact with Potable Water

  • Easy to use, Brush, Roller or Spray Applied


Health & Safety Recommendations:

Take the usual labour hygiene into account.

PPE should be worn during application. See our Safety & PPE Products.

Consult label and material safety data sheet for more information.

Surface Preparation:

All surfaces must be free from existing coatings or contamination i.e. paint, laitance, dirt etc.

All joints must be flush pointed, defects made good and irregular surfaces must be given a trowelled or floated finish with Universal Mortar.

If the surface is dry, thoroughly dampen the surface with water prior to application to aid adhesion.

If the surface is of a highly porous nature it is recommended to apply a 1 coat application of SBR at a 1:3 dilution with water, allow approximately. 2 hours drying time prior to application of HydraDry Tanking Slurry.

Remove all free standing water before application.

Cracks and bolt holes must be cut out and filled solid with Water Stop Plugging Compount prior to the application of HydraDry Tanking Slurry.

Substrates contaminated with high levels of soil or ground water sulphates may require attention.


The consistency of HydraDry Tanking Slurry can be varied to suit the application method.

Recommended Water Additions
Pack Size Brush Applied Trowel Applied Spray Applied
20Kg Bucket 4.8 - 5.6 Litres 3.7 - 4.5 Litres 4.2 - 5 Litres



Application Methods:

Brush Applied or Trowel Application:

  1. Place the recommended amount of clean water into suitable mixing bucket.

  2. Using a slow speed electric paddle mixer (400-600 rpm), gradually start to add the powder whilst mixing.

  3. Ensure all the powder is added.

  4. Mix for approximately 3 minutes to achieve a creamy lump free consistency.

  5. If required, add small amount of water to obtain the correct consistency depending on application.

Spray Application:

Use traditional wet mortar spraying equipment and processes.

HydraDry Tanking Slurry is a minimum 2 coat application system.

Once mixed, HydraDry Tanking Slurry has a 30 minute pot life at 20°C.

Minimum Layer Thickness
1st Coat 2nd Coat Total Thickness (After 2 Coats)
1.0mm 1.0mm 2.0mm

Brush Applied Slurry: HydraDry Tanking Slurry in even layers using a stiff bristled brush or broom on vertical surfaces and a rubber squeegee or stiff bristled brush / broom for horizontal surfaces.

It is essential the first coat is brushed well into the surface to ensure a good bond with the substrate. Allow the first coat to set firm (2-16 hours).

Apply a second coat of HydraDry Tanking Slurry as soon as the first coat has hardened. Apply the second coat at 90° angle to the first coat.

Floors: Special precautions may be necessary to ensure a continuous waterproof barrier at the wall to floor joints and corner joints to avoid sharp changes of angle in the tanking membrane. The joints should be thoroughly raked out, cleaned and wetted prior to application of Universal Mortar.

Ground Level: Where basement walls finished above the external ground level, the tanking should link up with an effective damp proof course. If basement ceilings are below ground level, the ceiling should also be coated with HydraDry Tanking Slurry.


A 20Kg of HydraDry Tanking Slurry should cover approximately 6m² based on two coats.


Do not apply HydraDry Tanking Slurry to substrates with temperatures below 5°C or if the ambient temperature is below 5°C or expected to fall below 5°C within 24 hours.

Avoid application in direct sunlight.

When applying to environments that will contain aquatic life, such as ponds, always finish with DampSeal Damp Proof Paint.

Curing & Ventilation:

Do not allow HydraDry Tanking Slurry to dry out too rapidly. After initial set, moist curing is recommended.

Fine mist spray the treated area 3 to 4 times daily for a 48 hour period.

It is recommended that ventilation is provided, as a lack of ventilation may cause condensation to form on the surface of HydraDry Tanking Slurry.

Protect the coating from excessively fast evaporation in hot conditions or drying winds. If these conditions prevail, fine mist spray the surface regularly.


Finishing Method:

HydraDry Tanking Slurry is suitable for over coating once correctly and thoroughly cured.

Plastering should take place using Renovation Plaster, Universal Mortar or a 1:3 cement : sand plaster with RenderProof incorporated in to protect Tanking Slurry from impact damage.

Application should be carried out within two days of the final coat being applied.

Gypsum plasters must not be used in direct contact with HydraDry Tanking Slurry.

HydraDry Tanking Slurry must not be punctured by wall fixings (e.g. Dry lining work etc.) and a period of 6 months should be allowed before permanent decoration is considered. During this period only use permeable emulsion paints for final decoration purposes.

Avoid using impermeable decorative finishes.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Wykamol Tanking Slurry User Guide

Safety Data Sheet

BBA Certificate

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