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A Comprehensive Guide to Wonder Grip® Cut Resistant Gloves

At Platinum Chemicals Ltd, we pride ourselves on being a longstanding supplier of Wonder Grip® Gloves, having been among the first to introduce these exceptional protective gloves to the UK market.

Our enduring partnership with Wonder Grip® has allowed us to offer an extensive range of cut-resistant gloves that meet the highest standards of safety and performance. As a trusted provider, we are committed to delivering the best in personal protective equipment to our valued customers.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the specifics of Wonder Grip’s range of cut-resistant gloves, focusing on the Dexcut®, Rock & Stone, and OPTY™ lines.

We will explore their unique features, the standards they adhere to, and why they are an essential choice for various industrial applications.



Understanding Cut Resistance

How Is Cut Resistance Measured?

Cut resistance in protective gloves is assessed using the EN388 standard for mechanical hazards. This standard provides a systematic evaluation of a glove's ability to withstand various mechanical threats. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the testing criteria under the EN388 standard:

  1. Abrasion Resistance: This is evaluated by the number of cycles a glove can withstand before wearing through. Gloves are rated on a scale from 1 to 4, with higher numbers indicating better abrasion resistance. If a glove does not pass this test, it is marked with an “X”.

  2. Cut Resistance (Coup Test): This test measures the glove's resistance to cutting by a circular blade under a specific load. The results are rated on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 indicating the highest level of cut resistance.

  3. Tear Resistance: Assessed in Newtons, this test determines how much force is required to tear the glove. The ratings range from 1 to 4, with higher numbers denoting greater tear resistance.

  4. Puncture Resistance: Also measured in Newtons, this test evaluates the force needed to puncture the glove with a standard-sized point. Ratings range from 1 to 4.

Since 2016, the EN388 standard includes an additional cut resistance test according to the ISO EN13997 Method. This method uses a straight blade with higher pressure to simulate more extreme cutting conditions.

The results are classified from A to F, with F representing the highest level of cut protection.


Why These Standards Matter

These rigorous tests ensure that each glove is reliably protective and suitable for specific applications.

For industries where cut hazards are prevalent, understanding these ratings helps in selecting the right glove to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.



The Dexcut® Range

The Dexcut® line from Wonder Grip® offers over a dozen types of gloves designed specifically for high cut resistance, with ratings ranging from C to E.

These gloves are available in both nitrile and latex coatings, each offering unique advantages.


LATEX Coated Dexcut® Gloves

One of the standout products in the latex-coated range is the WG-733 DEXCUT®. This glove is crafted for heavy-duty tasks in dry or slightly greasy environments where medium to heavy cut risks are present.

The HDML™ (High-Density Molecular Latex) coating provides a non-slip surface, exceptional anti-wear properties, and double protection against thermal hazards.

The WG-733 is the epitome of durability and performance, making it an ideal choice for challenging industrial applications.

Wonder Grip WG-733+ DexCut Gloves



NITRILE Coated Dexcut® Gloves

Nitrile-coated gloves in the Dexcut® range benefit from Wonder Grip Technology™ and Wonder Grip Performance™. These technologies enhance the glove's grip in various conditions, from dry to oily environments.

The WG-780 Dexcut® is a notable example, offering cold resistance down to -20°C while maintaining flexibility. It features a 10-gauge acrylic pile liner with aramid and glass fiber, providing the highest level of cut protection.

This glove is ideal for use in freezing temperatures and demanding environments where strong grip and cut resistance are crucial.


Other notable Nitrile Coated gloves include:
  • Wonder Grip 787 DEXCUT®: This glove combines a single nitrile coating with a 13-gauge knitted spandex and high-performance polyethylene Tsunooga™ liner. It provides excellent cut resistance (ISO 13997 Level D) and flexibility.

  • Wonder Grip 788 DEXCUT®: Featuring a single nitrile palm and a spandex, mineral fiber, and HPPE Tsunooga™ liner, this glove offers high cut resistance (ISO 13997 Level D) and comfort. It also supports touch-screen functionality.

Wonder Grip WG-787 DexCut Gloves



The Rock & Stone Range

The Rock & Stone gloves are designed for robust protection, combining resistance to cuts, heat, and cold with exceptional grip.

The WG-333 Rock & Stone is an exemplary glove in this range. It provides excellent protection in cold and hot environments while maintaining a non-slip surface for outstanding grip.

This glove is perfect for construction work and tasks involving slightly sharp materials, offering both safety and comfort.

Wonder Grip WG-333 Rock & Stone Gloves



The OPTY™ Range

Wonder Grip’s OPTY™ range includes cut-resistant gloves that feature PU Palm Coatings and Xtended Performances XP!™ technology.

These gloves offer excellent flexibility, wear resistance, and grip in dry environments.


Key Products in the OPTY™ Range:
  • Wonder Grip OP-765 OPTY™: Ideal for dry environments, this glove combines high-density polyethylene knit with Wonder Grip’s XP!™ technology for a smooth fit and solid grip. It offers cut resistance (ISO 13997 level B) and high fingertip sensitivity.

  • Wonder Grip OP-775 OPTY™: This glove is designed for high abrasion resistance and cut resistance (ISO 13997 level C). It is breathable, keeping users' hands dry and comfortable.

  • Wonder Grip OP-785 OPTY™: Addressing medium to heavy cut hazards (ISO 13997 Level D), this glove provides remarkable comfort and dexterity.

  • Wonder Grip OP-795 OPTY™: Engineered for heavy cut hazards (ISO 13997 Level E), this glove does not compromise on comfort, offering a flexible shell and premium coating for a smooth fit and solid grip.

Wonder Grip OP-785 Opty Gloves



Protective Solutions for Cross Risks

Wonder Grip also offers gloves that provide protection against multiple risks, such as cuts, liquids, cold, heat, and chemicals.

The Wonder Grip 718 Dexcut® is a prime example, combining a nitrile-coated 13-gauge HPPE liner with glass fiber and spandex. This glove is suitable for wet or oily environments and offers the highest level of cut resistance (EN388 Cut 5).

Wonder Grip WG-718 DexCut Gloves




At Platinum Chemicals Ltd, our commitment to safety and quality is reflected in our extensive range of Wonder Grip® cut-resistant gloves.

From the versatile Dexcut® line to the robust Rock & Stone range and the innovative OPTY™ collection, we provide solutions that meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Our longstanding partnership with Wonder Grip® ensures that we offer only the best in personal protective equipment, helping you stay safe and perform at your best.

Explore our full range of Wonder Grip® Cut Resistant Gloves here, alternatively you can browse the complete range of Wonder Grip® Gloves our Wonder Grip Hub Page and find the perfect protection for your specific needs.

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