SoudaGum Hydro - Hybrid Polymer Roof & Gutter Coating

SoudaGum Hydro - Hybrid Polymer Roof & Gutter Coating

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SoudaGum Hydro is a Hybrid Polymer, Solvent Free, Waterproof Protective Coating suitable for a broad range of applications from Roof & Gutter Repair to general sealing and protection of interior and exterior joints, gaps and cracks. 

Supplied in 5kg and 10Kg Buckets, Grey in colour.

This product is also available in 1kg Kits, which can be found here.

  Read our Blog about How To Fix A Leaking Roof Or Gutter With SoudaGum Hydro.


SoudaGum Hydro

Soudagum Hydro is a Hybrid Polymer, Solvent Free, Waterproof Protective Coating which is designed for use for a broad range of applications from Roof & Gutter Repair to general sealing and protection of interior and exterior joints, gaps and cracks.

The single-component liquid membrane is suitable for application on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

SoudaGum Hydro may be reinforced with a fleece lining, such as Soudatextile, between two layers of the liquid coating.

  Read our Blog about How To Fix A Leaking Roof Or Gutter With SoudaGum Hydro.

Product Benefits:

  • Ready to use, single-component Waterproof Coating

  • Low Viscous

  • Solvent and Isocyanate Free

  • Excellent workability, can be applied in 2 layers

  • Water Vapour Permeable

  • Rain resistant 2 hours after application

  • Good Crack-bridging

  • Excellent resistance to chemicals

  • Excellent adhesion on most common substrates

  • Good UV, Weather and Temperature resistance

  • Paintable

Typical Applications:

  • Waterproofing of skylights, dome lights, pipe collars, wall breakthroughs etc.

  • Waterproofing of cracks in roofs and walls

  • Waterproofing of indoor and outdoor joints

  • Waterproof layer under concrete roofs, terrain tiles and wooden terraces

  • Repair of metal and plastic roof gutters and drainage

  • Repair and renovation of rooftops (pans, slats, zinc), roof edges and chimney flashings

  • Treatment of lead and zinc corrosion

  • For protection and renovation of wood constructions such as verandas, terraces, garden poles, underground garden wood…

  • Sealing of flower boxes and the outside of fountains and water ornaments

  • Sealing of the outside underground foundations, cellars and masonry


Soudal SoudaGum Hydro - Revolutionary SMX® Polymer Waterproofing Membrane

Emergency Roof Repairs Even Underwater with Soudal SoudaGum Hydro

Emergency Repair Membrane - Paint On While Raining and Underwater


Health & Safety Recommendations:

Take the usual labour hygiene into account.

PPE should be worn during application. See our Safety & PPE Products.

Consult label and material safety data sheet for more information.

Substrate Suitability:

Excellent adhesion on many substrates such as concrete, screed, glass, ceramics, tiles and wood, also metals such as aluminium, steel, zinc and copper.

All Surfaces must be firm, loadbearing and free of dust and grease.

We always recommend a preliminary compatibility test

Surface Preparation:

Remove all traces of loose existing coating material. SoudaGum Hydro can be used without primer on moist substrates but not in the presence of stagnant water.

Application Method:

Open the lid and stir the product before using.

Apply by roller or brush in 2 layers to a thickness of 2mm (Recommended).

SoudaGum Hydro may be reinforced with a fleece lining such as Soudatextile.

The second layer cannot be applied until the first has dried completely.

After approximately 12 Hours the treated surface should be dry and follow-up work can begin.

Be aware that different environmental factors can influence the drying time.

Connection and expansion joints must be previously properly dimensioned in order to achieve optimal performance. Suitable backing material is essential (foamed polyethylene).

For optimal elastic characteristics of the sealant 2:1 or 1:1 width / depth ratio of the joint is suggested (minimal joint width: 6mm; maximal joint width: 20mm).


Approx 1.4kg/m² (Based on 1mm thickness) to 2kg/m² (Based on 2mm thickness).

This equates to approx 0.5 - 0.7m² per kg.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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