Soudatextile - Non-Woven GeoTextile Fabric

Soudatextile - Non-Woven GeoTextile Fabric

Soudal | GeoTextile Fabric

Soudatextile is an innovative non-woven fabric which is used in conjunction with SoudaGum Hydro or Soudatight LQ to cover up cracks, joints and gaps larger than 2mm.

Supplied in 15cm x 20M Rolls, White in colour.


Soudatextile - Non Woven Geotextile Fabric

Soudatextile is an innovative non-woven fabric which is used as a reinforcement fleece between waterproof membranes for covering up cracks, joints and gaps larger than 2mm.

Soudatextile should be used during application of SoudaGum Hydro or Soudatight LQ after applying the first coat (to fixate the fabric), then finish with a second layer of the same product.

Product Benefits:

  • Ready to use

  • Non-woven fabric

  • Covers gaps and cracks larger than 2mm

  • Easy to apply

  • Flexible

  • For indoor and outdoor use

  • Very good absorption of liquid membranes

  • Airtight and Vapor Barrier (When used with Soudatight LQ)

  • Waterproof (When used with SoudaGum Hydro)

Product Applications:

  • Use to bridge wider gaps larger than 2mm.

  • General airtightness of any joints or connections (i.e floor to wall joints / wall to ceiling joints.


Application Method:

Before Soudatextile can be placed a first coat of product must be applied to a cleaned surface.

Then place Soudatextile in the still wet layer. By doing so, avoid wrinkles and air inclusions and press Soudatextile firmly into the wet layer by means of a brush or a putty knife.

Finally, apply a new layer of product over the Soudatextile, preferably on each side 2cm wider than the fleece to avoid Soudatextile hanging loose.

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