Roofacryl - Acrylic Roof Coating

Roofacryl - Acrylic Roof Coating

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Roofacryl is an Economy Grade, Fibre Reinforced Acrylic Roof Coating that will bridge small gaps and cracks.

Under normal circumstances, Roofacryl requires only a One Coat Application to give instant waterproofing even, in areas subject to ponding.

Product Uses

Roofacryl is used for Waterproof Protection of:

  • Flat and Pitched Roofs

  • Corrugated Asbestos

  • Roof lights

  • Flashings

  • Roofing Felt

  • Gutters

  • Slate

  • Asphalt

  • Lead

  • Glasshouses

  • Metal

  • Fibreglass

  • Good adhesion

  • Suitable for Application in Damp Weather

  • Instant Protection

  • No wash off

  • Excellent Solar Reflectivity

  • Fibre Reinforced

  • Application in One Coat on most surfaces

  • Seamless

  • Fully Flexible

  • Indefinite Shelf Life

  • Unaffected by Temperatures down to -10°C

  • Economical


Surface Preparation:

Whilst minimal preparations are required, the surface must be sound and free of loose or friable materials.

To obtain the best result remove all surface debris and surface water using a stiff broom.

Repairs to cracks, holes etc, must be carried out prior to coating.

Fungus, mould and lichens must be removed, additional protection against fungal spores can be achieved by applying Moss and Algae Cleaner.

Oil or grease must be removed prior to application.

Any existing coating must be inspected and adhesion tests carried out.

Apply by brush. In extreme cases, a second coat may be applied 2-3 days after initial application.

Application Method:

Roofacryl is easily applied using a brush or roller.

Treat all details first, in areas where excessive movement may occur additional reinforcement can be incorporated into the coating.

Roofacryl can be applied in one coat, but experience has shown that a two-coat application ensures a greater uniformity of coating thickness.

Roofacryl requires no primer on most surfaces but where air borne pollution is heavy a coat of Bitumen Primer may be necessary. It is therefore good practice to carry out adhesion tests prior to application of the coating.

Roofacryl will tolerate damp surfaces although with any application for best results apply to a dry surface if possible.


Approx 1-2m² per Kg, dependent on surface type.

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