Platinum DM3 PRO MESH Damp Proof Membrane Kit (With Fixings & Sealing Mastic)

A high quality Damp Proof Membrane Kit using our Premium Grade Platinum DM3 PRO MESH as the Damp Proof Membrane, supplied with the recommended number of Platinum Mesh Fix Plaster Plugs and Newton 801-M Sealing Mastic which provides a Damp Proof Seal around the plug head.

Each kit size is also supplied with a high quality (W) 8mm x (L) 160mm SDS Drill Bit.

The Platinum DM3 PRO MESH Damp Proof Membrane Kit can be purchased in many different sizes from 2.5M² to 40M², use the drop-down box option below to choose your preferred kit size. Also choose between 50mm Length or 70mm Length Fixings.

A full table of each Damp Proof Membrane Kit Contents is shown below in the 'Description' Tab below.

  Read our Guide on 'How To Identify & Treat Rising Dampness On Walls' and 'How To Install a Damp Proof Membrane'.

Membrane Size

Fixing Plug Length

Membrane Size
Fixing Plug Length
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