Sovereign SovStik - Mesh Membrane Adhesive

Sovereign SovStik - Mesh Membrane Adhesive

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Sovereign SovStik - Mesh Membrane Adhesive is a universally applicable elastic adhesive used in above ground Damp Proofing applications for bonding Damp Proof MESHED Membrane to sound backgrounds.

Supplied in 600ml Foil Pack Cartridges, White in colour.


Sovereign SovStik - Mesh Membrane Adhesive

Sovereign SovStik Adhesive is a professional quality, universally applicable elastic adhesive, based on hybrid technology.

SovStik Adhesive does not contain any solvents or isocyanates. There is no smell during application and curing.

It is typically suited for bonding on many solid, clean, dust and grease free and sound substrates.

Being a moisture curing system it is ideal for use in situations where dampness is present.

Product Benefits:

  • Permanently Elastic

  • Universal Bonding for Interior and Exterior use

  • Free of Isocyanates, Solvents and Silicones

  • Resistant to UV, Moisture, Mould and Weather

  • Neutral Curing, almost Odourless

  • Absorbs Acoustic and Mechanical Vibrations

  • Adheres perfectly without primer on most, even damp surfaces


Application Method:

Where rising damp in masonry structures is encountered, using of one of our Damp Proof Cream Products can achieve a successful treatment. However, this only forms part of a damp proofing system.

Plasterwork on a wall subject to the effects of rising damp will contain both moisture and soluble salts, including those that are hygroscopic in nature.

As such, affected plaster will need removing and replacing with a new plaster system that will also prevent the migration of hygroscopic salts from the underlying wall through to the new plasterwork.

This can be achieved by fitting a Meshed Membrane (such as DM3 Membrane etc...) to the wall prior to application of the plaster system. The Mesh Membrane is unrolled and spread across the area to be covered.

Several fixings are made by drilling and fitting Fixing Plugs along the upper edge to hold the membrane in place.

In order to fully secure the membrane, further Plug fixings would usually be made in the same way, at maximum 250mm centres over the entire area of membrane.

However, Sovereign SovStik Adhesive can be used, again at maximum 250mm centres, as a quick and simple method to hold the membrane in place.

The adhesive foil ‘sausage’ is placed in a Foil Cartridge Applicator Gun, the foil cut at the end, and the nozzle fitted ready for use.

SovStik Adhesive dabs are gunned out at the prescribed centres and the membrane pressed against the adhesive and wall substrate. Additional plug fixings are made along the lower edge and at random over the whole area to ensure a fixed and well bonded membrane application.

When the adhesive has cured and the membrane is fully secured, we recommend Whitewall Plaster is applied direct on to the Lath/Mesh Membrane to finish. This is a plaster specifically designed to go on to Lath/Mesh Membranes.

Alternatively, plasterboards can be fixed using the standard dot and dab method.

SovStik can also be used to bond plasterboards, which would need supporting until the adhesive has dried/cured.

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