Wonder Grip 718 DEXCUT - Cut Resistant Gloves (Nitrile Palm) - ISO Cut Level D

Wonder Grip 718 DEXCUT - Cut Resistant Gloves (Nitrile Palm) - ISO Cut Level D

Wonder Grip® | Wonder Grip® Nitrile Type Gloves

Wonder Grip 718 Dexcut Gloves are Premium Quality, Heavy Duty, Cut-5 Resistant Grip Gloves which are also Oil and Water Resistant. Wonder Grip 718 Dexcut Gloves are Triple-Nitrile Palm Coated and incorporate a 13 Gauge / HPPE, Glass Fiber & Spandex Liner. Wonder Grip 718 Dexcut Gloves are regarded as the 'Ultimate Industrial Glove' due to its extremely high performance values.

Available in sizes Large (Size 9) and X-Large (Size 10).


Wonder Grip 718 Dexcut Gloves

The Wonder Grip 718 Dexcut is Nitrile Coated 13 Gauge HPPE with Glass Fiber and Spandex. This flexible liner and triple nitrile back coating glove is most suitable for working in wet or oily environments especially when requiring protection against cuts.

The Wonder Grip 718 Dexcut Glove has the highest EN338 Cut 5 Resistance Level and combined with Triple Back Coating makes it the ultimate industrial glove available.

  • Glove Coating: Triple Nitrile Palm & Back Coating

  • Liner: 13 Gauge / HPPE, Glass Fiber & Spandex

Product Benefits:

Cut Resistance - Medium Cut Hazards (15 Newtons = 1529 Grams to Cut)

Oil & Wet Resistance - Triple nitrile coating allows for a controlled grip in wet and difficult oily environment.


 Safety Standards For Protection Against Mechanical Risks

This product meets the following EN 388 : 2016 Standards.

  • (a) Abrasion Resistance (Performance Level 4)

  • (b) Blade-Cut Resistance (Performance Level X)

  • (c) Tear Resistance (Performance Level 4)

  • (d) Puncture Resistance (Performance Level 3)

  • (e) Cut Resistance in accordance with ISO 13997 (Performance Level D)


 Safety Standards For Protection Against Thermal Risks

This product meets the following EN 407 Standards

  • (a) Burning Behaviour (Performance Level X)

  • (b) Contact Heat (Performance Level 1)

  • (c) Convective Heat (Performance Level X)

  • (d) Radiant Heat (Performance Level X)

  • (e) Small Splashes of Molten Metal (Performance Level X)

  • (f) Large Splashes of Molten Metal (Performance Level X)


 Safety Standards For Food Handling

  • Sensory Test - PASS (DIN 10955)

  • Specific Migration of Formaldehyde - PASS (EN 13130-1)

  • Specific Migration of Heavy Metals - PASS (EN 13130-1)

  • Specific Migration of Nitrosamine and Nitrosatable - PASS (EN 13130-1)

  • Specific Migration of Primary Aromatic Amine - PASS (EN 13130-1)

  This product complies with basic requirements laid down by the EEC directive.


The Wonder Grip 718 DEXCUT utilises the following Glove Technology.

  • Wonder Grip Technology™

  • TPDT™ Technology

  • Tsunooga® Technology

  Wonder Grip Technology™

Wonder Grip Technology™ consists of creating specific asperities on the coated surface of the glove, hence reproducing the sucking effect of a force cup.

This specifically designed augmented grip technology offers the user considerably increased grip equally in damp, dry or oily conditions.

In other words, Wonder Grip Technology™ reduces the force required to move objects and considerably increases grip control of all objects, in both dry or slippery environments.

Results of tests conducted by BOKEN Japan, an independent materials test and control agency, demonstrated an increase in the friction coefficient, i.e. prehension force or grip, of 58%* for Wonder Grip Technology™ latex coatings, and of 36% for Wonder Grip Technology™ nitrile coatings.

  TPDT™ Technology

All Wonder Grip Gloves are produced via TPDT™ Technology. Placed inside a mould that reproduces the natural shape of a hand at rest during soaking, Wonder Grip gloves are also washed and dried via a method specifically developed by in-house engineers.

This method offers users freedom of movement and the increased sensitivity that has earned Wonder Grip its international reputation.

  Tsunooga® Technology

To knit the support for each Wonder Grip Glove, fibres are selected according to highly specific criteria. This is the case of Tsunooga® Polyethylene, the fibre chosen to knit Wonder Grip's Cut-Resistant Gloves from.

Tsunooga® is produced by the Japanese firm Toyobo. This fibre is not only extremely resistant, offering excellent anti-cut properties, but it is also ideal for manufacturing soft and comfortably textured gloves. No solvents are used to produce this fibre, hence rendering it more hygienic and healthier to use than other polyethylene fibres.

Tsunooga® fibre also boasts specific high thermal conductivity properties, which enable it to absorb and distribute natural body heat. The incorporation of this fibre enables us to produce gloves that offer a feeling of freshness on the skin.

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