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Avoiding a Bad Black Friday

Avoiding a Bad Black Friday

At Platinum Chemicals, we want to make sure that this Black Friday, you avoid a Black Mould Day... In fact, we believe no day should be a Black Mould Day. That’s why we are offering a site wide Black Friday & Cyber Monday Weekend Sale which includes our hugely popular Condensation Control products.

Condensation Control comes in different forms and levels of protection and can prevent mould developing and also mitigate the spread once present.

Condensation Control

Frequently overlooked until the problem develops and spreads, mould growth in the household is a growing concern for homeowners, landlords, and tenants.

Not only can black mould be harmful to your health, particularly over an extended period of time, but it can also leave lasting property damage. Whether it is mould prevention or control, as your gran always said a stitch in time saves nine, and when mould problems evolve, they can quickly avalanche into a much larger, considerably more costly issue.

Condensation materialises when a surplus of moisture in the air engages a cold surface. In Winter (or a typical UK Summer), this means cold outside temperatures increase the cold surface point of objects such as windows or walls, causing condensation. As the never-ending rain picks up, outside areas become damp, causing more moisture to rise against a building structure. Air can become very dry in colder climates, which is a breeding ground for moisture extrapolation from other sources and helps mould to develop and spread.

Think of all the internal moisture sources in a property; the bathroom through a shower or sink, a kitchen sink, a washing machine, a tumble-dryer, even your heating system. In the summer, you just open a window and you can control the air flow and condensation, but as temperatures drop, that’s not always practical.

Mould Treatments

The basic tips anyone should follow to prevent mould could be to wipe down condensation from windows or window sills on a daily basis, have clothes dry cleaned, and to keep doors closed when using rooms generating moisture. Using Fungicidal Paint Additives when decorating a room can also help stop the development and spread of mould. These are fundamental ways to address mould concerns, however typically, mould requires a more direct approach.

Platinum’s MCS Mould Eradication Kit has been packaged to provide an essential range of products for the treatment and removal of black mould. This anti-mould kit features a Mould Removal Solution, Fungicidal Additive, and vital Safety & PPE Equipment to ensure user safety when operating with anti-mould chemicals. Using high quality Safety & PPE Equipment is always important when handling any type of chemical.

Our extensive range of products and experience in preventative and reactive condensation control, mould protection, and mould prevention are why Platinum are regarded as industry experts in condensation control. Products are available for Next Working Day Delivery; dealing with mould as soon as it develops is crucial so Platinum always work to keep our customers as protected as possible.

Removing Moisture & Condensation

Being able to remove moisture from a property is important in preventing the growth and spread of mould. Available in a range of colours to suit decor, our Passyfier Sleeved Vents are through-the-wall non-mechanical Dehumidifying Vents for transmitting significant water vapour. A mineral slab in these Passyfier vents controls airflow to avoid undue draughts.

Poor ventilation, particularly in new houses which are more airtight, can lead to dampness and poor air quality. Extract fans can be fitted in more moisture-inducing rooms for rapid extraction of moisture and pollutants. Removing the moisture in the air prevents condensation and the associated mould problems it can bring. Platinum stock a range of Nuaire Extract Fans, specifically designed for energy efficient ventilation. Nuaire also provide a Drimaster ECO range, which is a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) range of products designed to cure condensation dampness. Using up to 20% less energy than other market products, and with a filter area range twice the size, Nuaire’s Drimaster range of Positive Input Ventilation Units helps maintain air flow and condensation throughout the home. Including the Eco-HC, Eco-LC, ECO-Heat-HC, and Drimaster DRI-365, Platinum’s extensive range of Nuaire Products will suit all properties.

Mould Prevention

Other ways to prevent black mould come in the way of Wykamol ThermalDry Anti Condensation Paint. The paint contains hollow glass beads which reflect thermal energy from walls, preventing water from condensing onto a wall surface. Once applied and fully cured, ThermalDry is 'warmer' to touch compared to standard emulsion paints. Condensation will not form on warmer surfaces, and where condensation can’t form, mould can’t grow, making ThermalDry Paint a strong preventative measure.

When applying any Silicone Sealant around Windows & Doors, applying one which contains an Fungicide is also a safeguard to mould growth and is vital in rooms with high humidity. A bath or shower area should be sealed with these types of Sealants. Platinum have a range of Kitchen & Bathroom Sealants to match these requirements, preventing unsightly mould growth and decor uniformity.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals You Need

So this Black Friday, it might not be as stylish as a 60 inch 4K TV, Nintendo Switch, or Chanel dress, but Platinum Chemicals are giving you deals on what you really need this Christmas and Winter. Your fancy new pan set might look good on Christmas day with the potatoes on one stove, soup on another, sprouts on another - a revolving sink of dishes, additional excess body heat from guests - but what’s happening to all that additional moisture?

This weekend, Friday 29th November - Monday 2nd December 2019, use Discount Code BFCM before hitting the Checkout Button and save up to 10% on all orders site wide with our exclusive, Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal. Keep your home condensation-controlled and safe with Platinum Building Chemicals.

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