Platinum Aqua Stop - Fast Set Plugging Mortar

Platinum Aqua Stop - Fast Set Plugging Mortar

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Platinum Aqua Stop is a fast setting, expanding water stop plugging and repair mortar. When mixed with clean water and applied correctly, Platinum Aqua Stop is formulated for the rapid patching and plugging of active water leaks and seepage in concrete and masonry.

Available in 5Kg or 10Kg Buckets, Grey in colour.


Platinum Aqua Stop Plugging Mortar

Platinum Aqua Stop acts with water and free lime present in the substrate to react with the active chemicals in the product. This quickly forms and develops a continuous barrier of insoluble crystals which penetrate deep into the capillary structure of concrete, blocking capillaries and leaks from the further passage of water, whilst permitting the transmission of air and water vapour, enabling the structure to breathe.

Application to surfaces in direct contact with water results in an accelerated rate of crystallisation to the structure. Once the structure is waterproofed, the active chemicals remain dormant until any subsequent contact with water reactivates the sealing process.

Rate and penetration of crystalline development varies with the density and surface absorption of the concrete. Sufficient surface penetration will provide full waterproofing properties after 5 - 7 days.

Special Properties:

  • Instantly stops running leaks in blockwork and concrete.

  • Can be used on holes, cracks and open joints.

  • Expands when applied to create a watertight seal. 

Typical Applications:

  • Water Retention: Water Tanks and Towers, Reservoirs, Water Treatment Works, Canals, Dams, Harbours, Swimming Pools, Concrete Pipes.

  • Water Exclusion: Foundations, Basements, Retaining Walls, Lift Shafts, Inspection Pits, Construction Joints, Tunnels, Bridge Decks, Sea Defences Walls, Jetties, Pontoons.



All areas to be repaired and plugged should be free from mildew, dirt, dust and any loose material. Clean the hole, crack or joint thoroughly by wire brushing, chiseling or scraping loose materials until a clean, sound substrate remains.

Areas to be patched should be cut back and given a good mechanical key. Feather edges are not allowed.

For dry repair applications, wet the repair area with water leaving it surface saturated dry (SSD) during the repair.

To seal leaks and cracks openings must be chased out to approximately 20mm square. The edges must be square or under cut, avoiding V-shaped cuts. All loose material and debris should be removed.


Due to the fast setting nature of Platinum Aqua Stop it is important to organise the work space before mixing commences. Ensure the person undertaking the repair is situated close to the repair area and required equipment to carry out the repair is present.

Add 1.25L of clean water, preferably warm to 5kg of Aqua Stop (2.5L to 10Kg of Aqua Stop).

Wearing suitable gloves, mixing is ideally done by hand.

  1. Add the recommended water addition into the bucket.

  2. Add the powder to the water and mix quickly and thoroughly.

  3. Roll the mixture between your hands until the material starts become warm and a pliable, putty like consistency is developed.

  4. Immediately use Platinum Aqua Stop.

Important: Mix only enough material for immediate use. Platinum Aqua Stop sets in 2 - 4 minutes and cannot be reworked once it has set.


No priming is required but for dry repair applications, make sure the surface is Surface Saturated Dry (SSD).

To stop surface leaks or seepage not under pressure:

  1. Starting at the top of the hole or crack, work your way down. Trowel apply or hand kneed the mixed mortar firmly into place, ensuring maximum contact with the substrate before the material sets.

  2. Remove any excess material to form a uniform surface.

To stop leaks under pressure or under water:

  1. Starting at the top of the hole or crack, work your way down. Trowel apply or hand kneed the mixed mortar firmly into place, ensuring maximum contact with the substrate before the material sets.

  2. Maintain constant pressure on the applied material until final set has been achieved.

  3. Remove any excess material to form a uniform surface.

Conditions & Limitations:

Low Temperature Working: Platinum Aqua Stop can be used in cool / cold conditions, however avoid working in very cold conditions below 5°C.

It is advisable to use warmer water (20°C) to accelerate strength development.

The material should not be applied when substrate and / or ambient air temperature is less than 1°C.

Set and cure times will be increased at low temperatures.

Hot Temperature Working: When using Platinum Aqua Stop in temperatures above 35 °C, the material should be stored in the shade and it is advised to use cooler water (20°C).

Set and cure times will be reduced in hot temperatures.


Final setting time is less than 5 minutes. Once the placed Aqua Stop has stiffened sufficiently, dampen with clean water and maintain in a damp condition for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Finishing (Decoration):

The use of water based non-vinyl emulsion is allowed once the surface is hard and dry.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet:

Safety Data Sheet:


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