Platinum Fillet Seal Mortar

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Platinum Fillet Seal Mortar

Platinum Building Chemicals Ltd | Tanking Slurry

Platinum Fillet Seal Mortar is a cement based, rapid curing non shrink hydraulic setting powder which should be used at points of stress i.e. floor / wall or wall / wall junction and applied normally by trowel.

Supplied in 25Kg Buckets, Grey in Colour.


Platinum Fillet Seal Mortar

Platinum Fillet Seal is a cement based, rapid curing non shrink hydraulic setting powder.

Platinum Fillet Seal is Used at points of stress i.e. floor / wall or wall / wall junction and applied normally by trowel. 

Platinum Fillet Seal is a composition of specially prepared quartz, Portland cement and a blend of organic and inorganic chemicals.

One of the potentially weakest points of any structural waterproofing application process is the floor /wall junction and particular attention to this detail is required.

Platinum Fillet Seal is specifically formulated to tackle this problem area as part of the tanking system using Platinum Tanking Slurry.

Special Properties:

  • Strengthens weak points in waterproofing of blockwork and masonry.

  • Can be used where floor meets wall and in corners.

  • Expands when applied to create a watertight seal.

Product Features:

Platinum Fillet Seal acts with water and free lime present in the substrate to react with the active chemicals in the product quickly forming and developing a continuous barrier of insoluble crystals which penetrate deep into the pores of concrete, blocking capillaries and leaks from the further passage of water, whilst permitting the transmission of air and water vapour, enabling the structure to breathe.

Once fillet has set, the active chemicals remain dormant until any subsequent contact with water reactivates the sealing process.

Rate and penetration of crystalline development varies with the density and surface absorption of the concrete. Sufficient surface penetration will provide full waterproofing properties after 5 - 7 days.


Application Method:

At floor wall junction chase out the floor to a minimum of 25mm from the wall and 25mm into the floor, cutting into the wall where possible.

Flush out chase formed to remove grit dust etc., and whilst still damp fill chase with Platinum Fillet Seal.

  • Gauging Water: 4L of water per 25Kg bucket.

  • Mixing: first add water to mixing vessel, then the contents of the bag.

  • Setting Time: Is similar to a sand / cement mortar i.e. overnight

Press fully into chase and whilst still green form a “bottle” cove.

Apply Platinum Fillet Seal to all vertical internal angles and again form a rounded “bottle” cove.

Platinum Fillet Seal should also be applied to the wall / ceiling junction.


Platinum Fillet Seal is applied at a rate of 15-20 linear metres per 25kg bag subject to site conditions and requirements.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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