Soudal 600ml Manual Foil Cartridge Gun

Soudal 600ml Manual Foil Cartridge Gun

Soudal | Sealant Guns

The Soudal Manual Foil Cartridge Gun is a high quality and durable Applicator Gun, complete with two Barrels and one Nozzle (Spare Nozzles may be purchased separately, see here), which is used for applying Foil Cartridges (Sausages) up to 600ml size.


Soudal Manual Foil Cartridge Gun

A high quality and durable Applicator Gun, complete with two barrels and one nozzle, which is used for applying Foil Cartridge (Sausage) Sealants and Adhesives up to 600ml size.

Spare Nozzles are available for purchase separately, see here.

Product Benefits:

  • High Quality

  • Durable

  • Complete with Two Barrels and One Nozzle.

Product Applications:

  • For Extruding Foil Pack Sealants, Adhesives and Fillers up to 600ml Size.

The Benefits of Using Foil Pack Cartridges:


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