Nuaire DRI-ECO-2S - 2 Way Boost Switch

Nuaire DRI-ECO-2S - 2 Way Boost Switch

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The Nuaire DRI-ECO-2S is an optional control, which can be sited anywhere in the home.

This wireless 2 button switch offers manual control over the Nuaire Drimaster ECO-LINK-HC Positive Input Ventilation system.


Nuaire DRI-ECO-2S - 2 Way Boost Switch

The Nuaire DRI-ECO-2S is an optional control which can be situated anywhere in the home.

A boost button gives the occupant the option to temporarily increase the speed of the fan when high levels of moisture are being produced, for example when cooking or drying clothes indoors. The unit will revert back to its usual settings after two hours, to maintain optimum levels of comfort for the occupants.

Product Features:

  • Occupant Controllability: Allows the occupant the ability to set the levels to suit their preferences for their home environment.

  • Wireless Control: The PIV unit (Drimaster ECO-LINK-HC) is controlled via radio frequency to allow wireless commands from switch to unit.

  • Extremely Low Power Consumption: 3V lithium battery (approx. 10 year life) is provided upon purchase.

  • Automated Technology: The PIV unit receives a signal from the DRI-ECO-2S which intelligently responds to the occupants' individual airflow requirements.

  • Easy Installation: Switch comes with adhesive tape pre-fitted on the back, or the option to screw in to the wall. Can be fitted anywhere in the home.

Technical Specifications:

The DRI-ECO-2S comes fitted with a 3v lithium battery.

Upon purchase it is ‘bound’ to the PIV unit in the loft space via radio frequency, making it a wireless control option.

Switch can be fitted with screws or the supplied adhesive tape.

Installation Video:

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