Silicone Spray

Silicone Spray

Soudal | Lubricant

Soudal Silicone Spray is a Transparent Lubricating and Anti-Adhesive Spray based on high performance silicone oils.

Soudal Silicone Spray lowers friction and prevents wear and tear on mechanical components.

Soudal Silicone Spray prevents dirt and grease build up and has a very high temperature resistance.

  • Silicone Based

  • Transparent

  • Lubricates and Protects

  • Very High Temperature Resistance

  • Aerosol can be used at any angle (360°)


Typical Applications:

Soudal Silicone Spray can be used on most plastics and rubbers to lubricate and protect. Typical applications include sliding doors and rubber seals, lubricating gutter and pipe seals.

Soudal Silicone Spray creates a water-repellent layer and protects the electric wiring of cars, engines, lawn mowers, etc. from moisture. It can also be used to give plastic and rubber materials a glossy finish.

Surface Preparation:

Surfaces should be clean, dry, free of dust and grease.

Application Method:

  • Application Method: Shake can well before use. Spray at a distance of approx. 20cm of the object. Apply a thin layer evenly.


  • Not to be used for brake drums and brake discs.

  • Treated surfaces cannot be painted afterwards.

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