Lignum Pro M50 Biocide Masonry Dry Rot Treatment

Lignum Pro M50 Biocide Masonry Dry Rot Treatment

Lignum Timber Treatments | Masonry Biocide

Lignum Pro M50 is an Concentrated Biocide product which is used for effective dry rot treatment on Masonry Substrates and Brickwork. Lignum Pro M50 dilutes with water to make 25 Litres of Ready-to-use product.

Lignum Pro M50 should only be used on Masonry substrates. For an effective Dry Rot Treatment for use on Timber, see Lignum Pro D156 or Lignum Pro Gel.

  Lignum Pro M50 carries the HSE Approval No 10177.

Supplied in 1 Litre Containers, Concentrated Solution.


Lignum Pro M50 Masonry Biocide

Lignum Pro M50 is a biocide dry rot treatment based on micro-emulsion technology which produces a formulation with a particle size in the nanometre range. This tiny particle size allows the formulation to penetrate deep into masonry / brickwork to deliver the active ingredient (biocide).

The formulation provides high active loading, rapid rates of absorption combined with excellent penetration making it ideal for use in the eradication of dry rot (Serpula Lacrymans) in all types of masonry and brickwork.

Lignum Pro M50 Dry Rot Treatment is effective when used to eradicate and stop the spread of dry rot fungus in masonry and brickwork. It can be used as a sub floor oversite steriliser where necessary in areas of dry rot out-breaks.

Lignum Pro M50 Dry Rot Treatment can also be used in gauging water for the re-rendering of treated masonry or brickwork. The formulation is water-based, virtually odourless, non-flammable, quick drying and containing no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). The concentrated product is diluted with water.

Product Benefits:

  • Dilutes to make 25 litres of Ready-to-use Product

  • Specially formulated for the Eradication of Dry Rot in Masonry & Brickwork

  • Provides Deep and Even Penetration ensuring Long Term Protection

  • Micro-emulsion Water Based Formulation

  • Zero VOC’s

  • Quick Drying

Active Ingredients:

IPBC (3-Iodo-2-Propynyl Butyl Carbamate)

IPBC (3-Iodo-2-Propynyl Butyl Carbamate) 50g/L: A biocide that provides the maximum spectrum of biological activity against the dry rot fungus (Serpula Lacrymans).

The active ingredients in the formulation are sourced and supplied by manufacturers who have supported their compounds through the Biocidal Products Directive [98/8 EC] or more recently the Biocidal Products Regulations [528/2012] and in compliance with Article 95 of the Biocidal Products regulations.


Health & Safety Recommendations:

Take the usual labour hygiene into account.

PPE should be worn during application. See our Safety & PPE Products.

Consult label and material safety data sheet for more information.


Determine the full extent of the dry rot outbreak by opening up the affected area, identify and remove infected timbers (cut back in-situ timbers 500mm beyond last signs of fungal growth or strands).

Remove plaster/render in all directions 500mm past the last signs of fungal growth or strands.

Identify and rectify the cause of dampness associated with the dry rot outbreak, i.e leaking gutters, poor ventilation, rising damp etc.

Clean all wall areas and oversites to remove surface growth and strands, use a stiff brush on walls if necessary.

Application Method:

Apply by spray, brush or injection. This product requires dilution with water.

Read statutory conditions relating to use prior to application.

For surface sterilisation, saturate surface of wall using a course spray. Where fungal growth is extensive i.e. penetrated the wall structure, then irrigate the wall through holes drilled two thirds of the wall depth at staggered 230mm centres and at a downward angle into the mortar beds so as to ensure full penetration.


  • Surface Spray: (1 - 2 coats) 1 litre of diluted product per 5m² of surface

  • Irrigation: 10 litres of diluted product per 1m³

Coverage may vary with the properties of the substrate.


Unprotected persons and animals should be kept away from treated surfaces until dry.


Product is stable in original packaging for 2 years when stored under ambient conditions. After 2 years product should be re-tested every 6 months to ensure active ingredient levels are within specification.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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