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The Soudal Window System - SWS®

The Soudal Window System - SWS®

The Soudal Window System - SWS® is a combination of several products which provide a long lasting weather tight seal between Windows & Doors and the building envelope.

These SWS® products when used in a system have improved performance in terms of thermal and acoustic properties and are fully airtight.

SWS® can be used for new build and renovation and is compatible with all types of frame materials: aluminium, wood and PVCu.

SWS® also offers solutions for passive houses and timber framed houses.

SWS® has been independently tested in various setups. A typical system set-up is Soudaseal 215LM providing the flexible sealant on the exterior of the building with Soudafoam Window & Door SWS Expanding Foam providing the thermal and acoustic insulation element and Acryrub SWS as the flexible Paintable Sealant on the interior of the joint.

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Soudafoam Window & Door SWS Expanding Foam

Soudafoam Window & Door SWS is a Premium Quality, Flexible, Airtight Expanding Foam Filler. Soudafoam Window & Door SWS is highly flexible once cured, based on FLEXIFOAM® Technology, which gives improved durability. Soudafoam Window & Door SWS is recommended for all A, A+ and A++ Rated windows and doors.

Soudal Acryrub SWS

Soudal Acryrub SWS is an Airtight, Premium Quality, Highly Elastic Acrylic Polymer Sealant and Filler which is solvent free, virtually odourless and very easy to apply. Soudal Acryrub SWS is part of the ‘Soudal Window Systems’ - SWS. Soudal Acryrub SWS is suitable for use in joints with movement of up to 25%.

Soudal Soudaseal 215LM

Soudal Soudaseal 215LM is a Premium Quality, Low Modulus, 100% Pure Hybrid Polymer Sealant which can be used on nearly all common construction materials such as plastics, masonry, metals and wood - even when surfaces are damp. Soudaseal 215LM is paintable with all water-based paints and has excellent weathering resistance in all climates.

Soudal Silirub 2

Soudal Silirub 2 is a Premium Low Modulus Neutral Cure, 100% Pure Silicone Sealant which can be used for a wide range of sealing applications in the building industry. Regarded as one of the best Silicone Sealants on the market, Silirub 2 has primerless adhesion on all common construction materials including glass, PVC, plastics, masonry substrates, metals and wood.

Soudal Vapourseal

Soudal Vapourseal is a plasto-elastic, Acrylic Polymer Based Sealant and Adhesive which is used for making airtight connections between vapour barrier foils and all kind of building substrates.

Soudal Soudatight LQ

Soudal Soudatight LQ Liquid is a Premium Quality, Airtight, Fibre Reinforced Polymer Paste which can be applied quickly and easily by brush. Soudatight LQ forms an Airtight and Vapour tight elastic membrane after drying and can fill cracks of up to 5mm due to the fibre content. Larger cracks and gaps can be reinforced further when used in conjunction Soudatextile Fabric Membrane

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