PTFE Spray

PTFE Spray

Soudal | Lubricant

Soudal PTFE Spray is a High Grade PTFE Based Lubricant.

Soudal PTFE Spray repels water and dirt and gives long life protection against friction and wear. Excellent mechanical and thermal stability with high penetration characteristics.

  • Lubricates

  • Reduces friction and wear

  • Rust and corrosion-resistant

  • Water Repellent

  • Does not contain silicones

  • For indoor and outdoor use

  • Aerosol can be used in any angle (360°)


Typical Applications:

PTFE Spray is used for parts subject to high pressure and temperature loads (-50°C to 250°C), especially metals and plastics.

Applications include pulleys, chains, gears, ball bearings, conveyer belts and other critical applications.

Surface Preparation:

Surfaces should be clean, dry, free of dust and grease.

Application Method:

  • Application Method: Shake can well before use. Spray at a distance of approx. 20cm of the object. To obtain the best result apply the spray while the moving parts are in motion if possible.

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