Platon Aqua Channel Drainage Conduit

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Platon Aqua Channel Drainage Conduit

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Platon Aqua Channel is a PVC Drainage Channel which should be fitted around the periphery of an internal basement floor at the vulnerable wall / floor junction or, when appropriate, offset from the wall.

Supplied in 2 Metre Lengths.

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Platon Aqua Channel PVC Drainage Conduit

Platon Aqua Channel is part of a Cavity Drain System and designed to be used in conjunction with Platon Cavity Drain Membranes.

Platon Aqua Channel is a moulded PVC drainage conduit which is placed around the perimeter of the basement or along a retaining wall, in a recess formed in the edge of the slab or within a spacing layer created by XPS Insulation or sacrificial screed.

Any water entering the below ground areas of the building is managed and controlled by the cavity membrane and intercepted by the Aqua Channel.

The clear space created by the Aqua Channel allows the water to drain rapidly and freely to the discharge points leading to mechanical (sump and pumps) or natural (gravity) drainage.

Platon Aqua Channel forms part of a reliable and maintainable waterproofing and drainage system. Platon Aqua Channel is available with or without an upstand (see Platon Aqua Floor Drain Channel) along the rear edge, to suit the expected usage, i.e without upstand when crossing a floor or when offset from a retaining wall, and with upstand when placed against the wall with a cavity membrane lining.


Application Method:

Form a trough 130mm deep x 130mm wide in the floor at the wall/floor junction.

Apply the Cavity Drain Membrane to the wall and finish 100mm minimum below existing floor level.

Lay a shallow bed of 20mm stone into the trough. Place the Platon Aqua Drainage Channel onto the stone with the upstand to the top and flat against the waterproofing / cavity drain membrane to the wall.

Lengths of Platon Aqua Channel are butt jointed on straight runs using the Platon Aqua Channel Connector Pieces.

The Platon Aqua Channel Corner Piece is used to join lengths of Platon Aqua Channel conduit at corners.

The Platon Aqua Channel T-Piece can be used for 'teeing off' of the channel to dissect the floor or to discharge to a centrally located sump. Platon Aqua Floor Drain Channel should be used in conjunction when channelling across the floor.

Fit the Platon Aqua Channel 50mm End Outlet into the Platon Aqua Channel at the appropriate location. The 50mm End Channel Outlet is used to take water from the Platon Aqua Channel or Platon Floor Drain Systems into a sump chamber or through a wall on a sloping site to a gully.

Use Platon Aqua Channel End Caps to 'cap-off' any ends of the Platon Aqua Channel.

Infill the remaining gap between the Platon Aqua Channel and the side of the trough with 20mm stone and finish flush with the flat surface of the Aqua Channel.

When installing a membrane over the floor, make good the remaining area with 20mm stone. Lay the membrane over the floor area and seal to the wall membrane using Platon Corner Strip / Overtape.

When the Cavity Drain Membrane is not going to be installed over the floor, make good the remaining area with approximately 50mm screed.


It is recommended that the Platon Aqua Channel be jet washed via the Aqua Channel Rodding Eye / Inspection Port, which should be incorporated in the channel system, at least once every six months.

This should be carried out by the installing contractor (under a maintenance contract) or by the property owner. During this cleaning process the pumps (if installed) should also be run with water out of the sump chamber to ensure they are fully operational and that the sump chamber be cleaned of any sludge / silt that may have accumulated.

In addition to this, the high water level battery alarm box and alarm sensor should also checked for working order.

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Technical Data Sheet

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