Newton DampSafe 603 Tile D-Mat - 3mm Studded Decoupling Membrane For Floor Tiles

Newton DampSafe 603 Tile D-Mat - 3mm Studded Decoupling Membrane For Floor Tiles

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Newton DampSafe 603 Tile D-Mat (Formerly named Newton 603 Tile) is a composite Decoupling Mat for Floor Tiling, with an installation height of just 3mm.

The LDPE dimpled core has a Polypropylene Fleece heat-welded to both the upper and lower surfaces, which quickly absorbs adhesives to provide an exceptional bond to both the substrate below and the tiled floor finish above.

Supplied in (W) 1.0M x (L) 30M - (30M²) Rolls.


Newton DampSafe 603 Tile D-Mat

Newton DampSafe 603 Tile D-Mat is a composite decoupling mat with an installation height of just 3mm.

The LDPE dimpled core has a polypropylene fleece heat-welded to both the upper and lower surfaces, which quickly absorbs adhesives to provide an exceptional bond to both the substrate below and the tiled floor finish above.

The material is also elastic and highly impervious to the diffusion of water vapour.

The decoupling mat isolates the finished floor surface from any cracking or movement within the substrate and provides improved distribution and relief from compressive stress acting on specific points on the floor.

Furthermore, the interconnecting air channels around the dimples ventilate the substrate below to equalise vapour pressure.

Newton DampSafe 603 Tile D-Mat is guaranteed against deterioration for 30 years, has a life expectancy of at least 50 years (DIN 9001:2000), and is inert with good compressive stability. It is highly resistant to water, alkalies, saline solutions and organic acids, and is not affected by minerals. It is also resistant to bacteria, fungi and other small organisms.

Typical Applications:

    ✔   Decoupling of the tiled floor from the substrate below

    ✔   Tiled or paved floors

    ✔   Floor builds that include underfloor heating systems

Benefits & Features:

  • Accommodates movement and prevents the transfer of stresses from the substrate to the tiled surface

  • Low Thermal Conductivity of 0.0369 W/mK

  • Adds only 3mm to the Floor Finishes

  • Effective Air and Vapour Barrier if joints are sealed

  • Lightweight and easy to install

  • Load-bearing, Tough and Durable

Substrate Suitability:

  • Solid Floors of Concrete or Screed

  • Ventilated Timber Floors

Substrates for Newton DampSafe 603 Tile must be structurally sound, dry, level, clean, suitable for problem-free tile installation and in conformance with all applicable standards.

Screed substrates must have dried to a moisture content of <2 % (CM test) in accordance with DIN 18365.

When installing over absorbent substrates, observe all relevant instructions of the adhesive manufacturer.

If substrate levelling is required, complete before beginning installation of the uncoupling bed, also observing all processing instructions of the levelling compound manufacturer.


Installation Method:

  1. Measure the size of the floor.

  2. Cut the decoupling mat to the required length. Please note that the mat can be trimmed during the installation process, so it is better to slightly overcompensate than under-measure.

  3. The mat can be placed either along or across the floor.

  4. Adjacent strips of Newton DampSafe 603 Tile D-Mat should be butt-jointed.

  5. Where the installation is to provide an airtight seal, the joints should be sealed with Newton Mesh Tape. Position the tape equidistant to either side of the joint, and using a hot-air gun and wooden roller, firmly effect the seal.

  6. When sealing to the wall, only seal once you have laid/placed the floor coverings, as the weight of the floor coverings will flatten the membrane out and could result in too much membrane at the perimeter of the room.

  7. The walls may need to be primed ready for sealing with Newton Mesh Tape. Newton 109-LM, Newton 110 WATstop or Newton 901-P can be used as a primer.

Adhering Membrane To Floor:

Using a 4 mm x 4 mm notched trowel, apply a flexible, thin-bed adhesive to the substrate.

Immediately roll out the decoupling mat over the fresh adhesive and press down firmly using a float or roller.

With an airtight system, seal the joints, the perimeter and any protrusions with Newton Mesh Tape as described above.

Suitable Adhesive Cements:

Use only high-quality, flexible, thin-bed tile adhesives. Select the adhesive in accordance with the floor type and flooring material installed as well as any specific requirements for use.

Note: Not every tile adhesive is suitable for use with Newton DampSafe 603 Tile D-Mat. Use only high quality, flexible, thin-bed tile adhesives after first checking all properties that will be relevant to the use.

We urge users to confirm suitability with their own trials before installation.

Accordingly we disavow any liability resulting from the use of non-suitable adhesives and resultant damages of any kind.

Please note that floors and uncoupling beds installed over underfloor heating systems may require upgraded materials – such as adhesives with higher adhesion strength and/or higher-quality stoneware or ceramic tiles.

Mapei Adhesives:

The following Mapei adhesives have been tested as being compatible with Newton DampSafe 603 Tile D-Mat:

Adhering the Mat to the Substrate

  • Mapei Keraquick

Adhering the Tiles to the Mat

  • Mapei Keraquick

  • Mapei Keraquick Maxi

  • Mapei Ultralite S1

  • Mapei Ultralite S2

Please Note: The testing was carried out to dry substrates and standard building industry applications, e.g. sand/cement screeds, concrete or plywood boards.

The tests conducted are representative of the materials supplied and may or may not be representative of materials used on site.

The maximum ceramic tile size for the recommended adhesives is 600 x 600mm bonded to standard dry area floor constructions internally.

Cementitious screeds and placed concrete should be cured, so that they have reached initial strength, before application. This is generally 28 days for both concrete and screed. If application is required before 28 days, or for application to other non standard construction applications and tiling products outside of these parameters please refer to the Mapei Technical Department for further information.


The tiles laid over the Newton DampSafe 603 Tile D-Mat bed should be no larger than 600 x 600mm.

Avoid installation in staggered or diagonal configurations.

Apply the tile adhesive over the decoupling mat and set the tiles or slabs in accordance with usual practice.


WARNING: Where the membrane is used above a wooden floor and sealed to prevent air leaks, it is vitally important that the void below the wooden floor is fully ventilated.

NOTE: Tiled floor finishes may sound hollow when walking over with hard-soled shoes or if struck with a heavy object. This is normal.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Declaration of Performance (DoP)

Safety Data Sheet

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