Lateral Restraint Bars

Lateral Restraint Bars

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Lateral Restraint Bars are manufactured from 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel rods, 8mm in diameter, designed to restrain the whole of the brick outer structure to the floor joists.

Supplied in (W) 8mm x (L) 1.0M size.


Lateral Restraint Bars

Lateral Restraints can be fitted from outside the property with a minimum of disturbance in most cases just a lifting of the floorboards to determine the position of the joists.

The process would normally be done by using angle straps screwed onto the joists. This has several drawbacks:

  • The disturbance caused to the householder is quite considerable.

  • The fixing to the joist is only as long as the shear strength of the screw heads.

  • If fitted furniture or bathroom suites is in situ, these have to be removed which would involve using specialist trades such as joiners and plumbers.


Application Method:

  • Drill a 14mm hole through both brick outer and inner leaf.

  • Push the long restraint into the pilot hole and attach the Lateral Restraint Fixing Key (sold separately).

  • The lateral restraint is slowly wound through the joists leaving the outer end recessed approximately 15mm.

  • The outer end can now be tested for strength of fix (typically 5Kn - 10Kn)

  • The outer end of the lateral restraint is then resin bonded into the brick work and finished off with either mortar or mastic.

The same restraint is used to suit different situations, as shown below.

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