Cromar Exterior Wood Treatment

Cromar Exterior Wood Treatment

Cromar Building Products | Exterior Wood Treatment

Cromar Wood Treatments are liquid pigmented stains for exterior use. The stain penetrates wood easily and thereby gets into inner layers.

Supplied in 5 Litre and 25 Litre containers, ready-to-use solution. Available in a range of colours.

This is a Solvent Based Product, therefore is NOT Suitable for Indoor Use.


Cromar Wood Treatment

The pigmented product in Cromar Wood Treatment protects wood to a certain extent against the damaging effects of UV light and enhances its water repellency. After drying it is odourless. Natural grain and texture of the wood are accentuated.

For use on all outside wood, that is not in direct contact to soil or water surface and not stressed statically. This includes facades, carports, shutters and balcony railings.

The product should NOT be used indoors.


Red Cedar & Rich Mahogany

Red Cedar & Rich Mahogany Treatments are suitable for use on external timbers where it will revive the colour of faded cedar timber.

Typical external uses are on facias, sheds, fences and greenhouse. It can be used on other light coloured timber to give a red cedar effect.

Treated timber is not suitable for varnishing or overpainting and direct contact with plant life is not recommended.

Light Brown & Dark Brown

Light Brown & Dark Brown Wood Treatments can be used for the protection of external timbers such as fences, pots, sheds etc. against damaging effects of UV light.

Use of these treatments on timber which will come into contact with plant life is not recommended.

Treated timber is not suitable for subsequent varnishing or overpainting.


Green Wood Treatment can be used to protect constructional timber, fences etc.

It is suitable for use on timbers in the horticultural industry such as greenhouses and internal staging, cold frames and plant supports.

It can also be used to preserve hessian and netting.

Treated timber can be overpainted at a later date preferably using an aluminium based primer, if light preservation then Wood Treatment Clear should be used.


Clear Wood Treatment can be used both to protect construction timbers against UV light and enhances its water repellency.

Typical uses are on doors and windows frames, floorboard, joists roof timber, sheds etc.

It is a clear solution and therefore can be overpainted or varnished when dry.


Health & Safety Recommendations:

Take the usual labour hygiene into account.

PPE should be worn during application. See our Safety & PPE Products.


Ensure that the timber to be treated is fully dry and that paint or varnish will not restrict penetration.

Replace rotted timber, cutting back to sound areas. Cure sources of dampness and treat dry rot (and surrounding areas) on brickwork and masonry with two coats of Universal Woodworm & Dry Rot Killer.

Note: Be sure to read all conditions relating to use and safety listed on the container before commencing work.

Application Method:

Shake the container vigorously to ensure contents are thoroughly mixed. Apply two liberal coats by brush or low pressure spray, ensuring saturation of joints and end-grain.


This is greatly dependant on the type of timber being treated but as a rough guide coverage will be effective at 140-180ml/m² for each coat.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Light Brown

Dark Brown


Red Cedar

Rich Mahogany

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