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A Guide To Treating Woodworm With Lignum Pro I62.5 Insecticide

Woodworm is a common issue that affects many homes in the UK. It is caused by the larvae of wood-boring beetles that feed on wood, causing damage and weakness to the structure.

The larvae burrow into wood, leaving small holes called exit holes, and feed on the wood's cellulose fibers. Over time, their feeding activity damages the wood, causing it to become weak, brittle and structurally unsound.


Woodworm Larvae and Life Cycle

Woodworm larvae rely on wood as their primary food source. They feed on cellulose, one of the primary components of wood, for nourishment and growth, and can stay in wood for years before developing into mature beetles.

Woodworm infestations occur seasonally, with the beetles typically laying their eggs in the wood during the late summer or early autumn. The larvae hatch after a few weeks and begin their feeding activity, which can last for several years.


Common Types of Woodworm and Signs of Infestation

The most common woodworm that infest UK homes are the Common Furniture Beetle, House Longhorn Beetle, and Deathwatch Beetle. Each type of woodworm has distinct characteristics, such as exit hole size and location, which can aid in identifying the species.

The most obvious sign of woodworm infestation is the presence of exit holes in the wood. The exit holes are typically round and range from 1-2mm in diameter. There may also be tell-tale signs of sawdust or frass around the holes. Additionally, wood that has been infested may exhibit structural weakness, sagging, and crumbling.


Insecticides for Treating Woodworm

Permethrin is a popular pesticide that is commonly used to treat woodworm infestations. It works by interfering with the larvae's nervous system, causing paralysis and ultimately death.

Lignum I62.5 Insecticide is a concentrated solution of permethrin that is diluted with water and applied to the wood surface. The treatment is carried out by a professional or a skilled DIY'er, who will spray the solution into the exit holes and throughout the timber surfaces.

The solution is left to soak into the wood, killing any larvae present. The treatment may need to be repeated after a few years to prevent re-infestation.

Note: In the case of Deathwatch Beetle Infestation, a 'deeper penetrative' treatment is recommended, such as Lignum Pro Gel.


Preventing and Managing Woodworm Infestations

When treating woodworm, it is essential to wear appropriate Protective Equipment (PPE) to avoid exposure to the permethrin solution. This includes gloves, eye protection, a respirator, and full-body covering such as overalls.

Professional treatment is recommended to ensure safety and effectiveness. Preventing future woodworm attack involves taking a proactive approach to maintaining your home's wood structures. This includes regular inspections for signs of infestation, keeping the wood dry to avoid damp conditions that attract beetles, and treating the wood with protective coatings to deter beetles from laying their eggs.

It is also recommended to seal any cracks or crevices to deny access to the spaces where beetles can lay their eggs.



In summary, woodworm is a prevalent issue that can damage the structural integrity of wood. Understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatment methods like using permethrin-based solutions such as Lignum I62.5 and PPE requirements can help prevent and eradicate woodworm infestations.

Regular monitoring, keeping the wood dry, protective coatings, and sealing any crevices can help prevent future attacks. If you suspect that your home may be affected by woodworm, consult a professional for an assessment and appropriate treatment.


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