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Enhance Your Outdoor Space this Summer with Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain

As we enter the summer season, it's time to prepare our gardens for outdoor entertainment, barbeques, and family gatherings. And what better way to do so than with the Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain?

This impressive range of solvent-based wood stains is specially formulated to provide superior protection and finish for your woodwork.


Enhance Your Wood with a Wide Choice of Colours

Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain comes in a range of thirteen alluring shades that cater to various tastes and complement different outdoor settings.

The color options include Pine, Antique Pine, Light Oak, Mid Oak, Teak, Walnut, Mahogany, Red Cedar, Black, White, Cream, Morning Grey, and Spruce.

This variety of colours aims to help you achieve the desired look of your woodwork and enhance the natural grain of the wood, giving it a high-quality finish.


Superior UV-Resistant Properties for Extra Protection

Besides, the Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain formula is also known for its superior UV-resistant properties. The strong UV rays from the sun can quickly break down wood fibres, fade colours, and reduce the wood's general quality.

The SX70 Wood Stain offers a long-lasting, highly effective protective barrier against the sun's harmful rays, keeping your woodwork looking great for years to come.


Water-Resistant Properties for Long-Lasting Wear and Tear

One of the primary features of this solvent-based formula is its water-resistant properties. The stain offers excellent water repellency and deep penetration, ensuring that moisture does not penetrate the wood and cause decay and rot.

With its impressive ability to repel water from the wood's surface, the Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain can protect your woodwork from humidity, rain, or other factors that may cause water damage.

Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain Water Repellency


Versatile Applications for Various Woodwork

The Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain is suitable for an array of applications, including garden furniture, doors, window frames, fencing, and sheds. Additionally, the Clear SX70 Topcoat is also available, which enhances the colour and gives a semi-sheen finish without darkening the colour.

This topcoat seals the wood effectively, ensuring that the product provides even more protection to your wood.


Reliable and Trusted Woodcare Solutions

Importantly, the Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain is an excellent and reliable solution for your wood care needs. With its unmatched protective and aesthetic qualities, the product is known to excel in sealing the wood and giving it a natural-looking finish.

Whether you need to renovate old, worn-out woodwork or offer new woodwork a premium finish and maximum protection, the Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain provides long-lasting results.

Application of Sovereign SX70 on a Wooden Garden Chair


Order Now for Reliable and Quality Results

In conclusion, the Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain is the perfect choice for your wood care needs, providing reliable, long-lasting and quality results.

By purchasing from our website, you can be assured of authentic and reliable products, great customer service, and prompt delivery.

So, protect and enhance your woodwork effectively with the Sovereign SX70 Wood Stain and indulge in worry-free outdoor entertainment all summer long.



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