Wykamol Sealing Rope

Wykamol Sealing Rope

Wykamol Group | Waterproof Membrane Ancillaries

Wykamol Sealing Rope is used to wrap around the head of Wykamol Plaster Membrane Plugs or Wykamol CM Brick Plugs when installing the Wykamol Range of Damp Proof Membranes or Waterproof Membranes to provide a waterproof seal round the head of the fixing,

Wykamol Sealing Rope can also be used to form a jointing waterproof seal on wall and floor membrane systems.

Supplied in (W) 10mm x (L) 5.0M Rolls


Wykamol Sealing Rope

Wykamol Sealing Rope is a high quality product for use as part of a Cavity Drain Membrane System.

Made from a 10mm bead of butyl rope, Wykamol Sealing Rope is used to either wrap around the head of plugs in a membrane application, giving the fixing a waterproof seal.

Wykamol Sealing Rope is can also be used to form a seal at the overlap of adjacent sheets of Wykamol Waterproof Membranes when neither a flange joint of stud into stud joint has been made.

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