ProGuard® Blue Glass Protector Film

ProGuard® Blue Glass Protector Film

Proguard® | Surface Protector Films

Surface Protector Films

ProGuard® Window Masking Film is a specialist low tack self adhesive window / glass protection film.

ProGuard® Window Masking Film is simple to apply, sticks directly to the glass and once applied will stay in place till removed.


  • Suitable for professional and domestic use.

  • Cost effective.

  • Self adhesive, temporary protection for windows and smooth surfaces.

  • Fast and easy to lay just roll the film over glass and it sticks firmly in place.

Product Uses

Professional Use:

ProGuard® Window Masking Film is designed for temporary covering of trade goods, allowing them to be protected from scratching, dust, dirt etc, making it perfect for the protection of newly installed windows and doors, which can easily get dirty if not protected whilst on site.

ProGuard® Window Masking Film offers temporary protection for any smooth surface such as glass, windows, uPVC etc.

Domestic Use:

As well as for home decorating, ProGuard® Window Masking Film offers great protection on surfaces where the children may be painting and drawing etc.

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