Soudal Solvent PVCu Spray Cleaner

Soudal Solvent PVCu Spray Cleaner

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Soudal PVCu Spray Cleaner is a highly effective, non-smear, Solvent-Based, fast acting and fast drying cleaner for use on White PVCu Frames, Foiled PVCu Frames and other plastics.

Soudal PVCu Spray Cleaner can be used for removing ingrained dirt, grease, pen and pencil marks and even uncured sealant on all PVC Frames, trim and cladding. May also be used on plastic garden furniture.

Supplied in 750ml Aerosol Cans.


Soudal PVCu Spray Cleaner

Soudal PVCu Spray Cleaner is a Solvent-Based Cleaner for use on PVCu materials. Fast acting, fast drying and non smear formulation.

Product Benefits:

  • Solvent Based Cleaner

  • Supplied in a Robust Aerosol Can

  • Fast Acting and Drying

  • Smear Free

  • Works on PVCu and other plastics

Typical Applications:

Soudal PVCu Spray Cleaner is suitable for removing ingrained dirt, grease and marks on all PVC frames, trim and cladding. It's also suitable for removing pen and pencil marks from plastic surfaces and may also be used on plastic garden furniture.


Application Method:

Shake the can for 5 to 10 seconds with the lid closed. Apply and spread onto surface with a clean soft colourfast cloth or white paper tissue, working well into the surface. Leave to rest for about 15 minutes and wipe away any contamination. Polish and buff with a separate dry soft cloth. Always wipe in one direction.


  • Extremely dirty surfaces may require a second application.

  • Always use a separate cloth for spreading and buffing.

  • The quality of plastic used for garden furniture does vary dramatically. Always test a small inconspicuous area prior to use to ensure compatibility / colour fastness.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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