Platon Comfort - Damp Proof Floor Membrane

Platon Comfort - Damp Proof Floor Membrane

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Platon Comfort is a Premium Grade, 2.5mm Stud, Damp Proof Floor Membrane that has been developed for use over subfloors where isolation from residual moisture is required (i.e new screeds or concrete floor slabs).

Platon Comfort Membrane is joined with Platon Comfort Tape, providing there is no permanent source of moisture. If moisture is permanently present, use Platon Mesh Tape or Platon Corner Strip Tape

Supplied in (W) 1.0M x (L) 20M (20M²) Rolls.


Platon Comfort - Damp Proof Floor Membrane

Platon Comfort is a thin polypropylene cavity membrane that has been developed for use over subfloors where isolation from residual moisture is required, e.g. new screeds or concrete floor slabs.

Moisture sensitive floor coverings are protected by the water vapour resistance of the membrane which can be applied when humidity is as high as 95% RH or with 5% constructional moisture content.

The overall membrane thickness of 2.5mm means that effective protection can be provided without undue intrusion or disruption to the planned floor layer build-up.

Platon Comfort can be overlaid with:

  • Laminate or Engineered Timber Flooring

  • Chipboard or Plywood

  • Insulation, Underfloor Heating or Screed

The unique stud design improves walking comfort and impact sound reduction due to dynamic expansion and contraction.

The studs ‘give’ a little when subjected to a load and consequently impact noise is reduced by 17-19 dB(A).

Product Usage:

Platon Comfort is used when constructional, residual moisture is present. Permanent moisture requires the use of alternative Platon Sealing Tapes, or other Platon Membranes, contact our technical department for advice.

The studded profile of the membrane provides an air gap pathway that allows moisture vapour to escape to the edges of the floor.

Platon Comfort allows for fast return to service when over laying with moisture sensitive flooring materials, it also acts as an effective de-coupling layer that can be used on existing or new floors to deal with substrate movement and cracking.

Platon Comfort is tough and pliable and is easily manipulated to form upstands etc.

Platon Comfort is not suitable for waterproofing use Jointing of the membrane is carried out using Comfort Tape

Product Benefits:

  • Humidity protection

  • Walking comfort and sound reduction

  • Flooring finishes can be applied after reduced waiting times

  • Improved interior environment

  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating.

  • Platon Comfort is unaffected by moisture, chemical salts or cement/concrete.

Technical Data:

Membrane Material Polypropylene
Sheet Thickness Nominal 0.50mm
Stud Height Approx 2.0mm
Construction Height Approx 2.5mm
Unit Weight 0.450 kg/m²
Working Temperature 5-45°C
Water Vapour Resistance
300m equivalent air layer
Cushioning Effect (DIN 18032-2) Ca. 20%
Thermal Conductivity (EN12664) Ca. 0.048 W/m.K
Floor Heating

More than 1°C Higher Surface Temperature than traditional underlay.



Installation Method:

For joining sheets of Platon Comfort when there is no permanent source of moisture, use Platon Comfort Tape.

Where permanent moisture is present, use Platon Mesh Tape or Platon Corner Strip Tape.

Regular hand tools, such as a craft knife, straight edge and tape measure are used.

No special equipment is required.

Preparation to Existing Floors:

Scrape the surface clean, remove mortar ‘snots’, loose tiles, vinyl flooring, carpet etc. Vacuum clean to remove grit and dust. Floors must be level, flat and sound.

Preparation to New Floors:

Allow the concrete or screed to set hard enough to walk on. Vacuum clean to remove grit and dust. Apply a moisture resistant levelling compound if the floor is very coarse or uneven. Comfort can be laid when the RH is 95% or less.


Roll out lengths of Platon Comfort, stud downward, side by side, edges abutting (not overlapping). Press Comfort Tape over the joint. Leave a 5mm gap around the room perimeter.

Platon Comfort is loose laid; no adhesives or mechanical fixings are required. Protect the membrane from damage and cover as soon as possible after installation.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Declaration of Performance (DoP)

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