Platinum Corner Tape

Platinum Corner Tape

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Platinum Corner Tape is a sealing tape primarily used to create single sided taped joints as an Overtape, to seal adjacent butted and overlapped Basement Waterproofing Membranes and Damp Proof Membranes, i.e at wall / floor joints, wall / wall joints.

Available in 150mm or 100mm Widths, in either 20M, 10M or 5M Lengths.


Platinum Corner Tape

Platinum Corner Tape is used to create single sided taped joints as an overtape to seal adjacent butted and overlapped membranes, or to seal above joins to the membrane created whilst shaping the membrane to fit convoluted substrate.

Platinum Corner Tape can also be used for the sealing of protrusions through the membrane.

Platinum Corner Tape does NOT have a surface which can be directly plastered or rendered over, for an overtape tape which is designed for this purpose, see Platinum Mesh Tape.

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