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How to Use a PU Foam Applicator Gun: Tips, Maintenance, and Cleaning

PU foam applicator guns are an essential tool when it comes to efficiently and effectively applying polyurethane-based insulation foam. These guns are easy to use but require proper maintenance, cleaning, and handling for optimal performance.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how to use a PU foam applicator gun, how to maintain it properly, and how to clean it using Soudafoam Gun & Foam Cleaner. In addition, we’ll discuss the benefits of using Gun Grade PU Expanding Foam versus Hand Held foam.


Benefits of Using Gun Grade PU Expanding Foam over Hand Held Foam

Gun Grade PU Expanding Foam has several advantages over Hand Held altarnatives, including

  1. Control: Gun Grade PU allows you to control the flow and application with more accuracy, whereas hand held foam has a limited flow control system.

  2. Efficiency: Gun Grade PU foam applicators are designed for larger jobs, meaning you can cover more square footage in less time than with hand held foam.

  3. Durability: Gun Grade PU foam is thicker and more durable, making it ideal for use in a wide range of applications.


Using a PU Foam Applicator Gun

Step 1: Preparation

Before using a PU foam applicator gun, ensure that the can of polyurethane foam is properly secured to the gun. Shake the can well to mix the content and screw the gun onto the can. Make sure you use high-quality foam that is compatible with your applicator gun, view our full range of Soudal PU Expanding Foams.


Step 2: Adjusting the Gun

Adjust the gun so that it is perpendicular to the surface you intend to spray the foam onto. Ensure the nozzle is clean and free of any blockages.


Step 3: Regulating the Foam Flow

Regulate the foam flow using the needle regulator located at the back of the gun, which allows you to control the speed and amount of foam that flows out.


Step 4: Spraying the Foam

Point the foam gun nozzle at the surface or gap to be filled, pull the trigger lightly to initiate the spray and fill holes and cavities approximately ¾ full as the foam will expand. Keep an eye on the foam flow to ensure you don't waste any or use too much.


Step 5: Clean-Up

Once finished, immediately release the pressure and remove the can from the gun. Clean the nozzle of the gun and ensure the trigger is released. Refer to the instructions on 'Cleaning a PU Foam Applicator Gun with Soudafoam Gun & Foam Cleaner below.


Maintaining a PU Foam Applicator Gun

Regular maintenance and care of your PU foam applicator gun are essential to keeping it in good working condition for longer. Clean the gun after every use, lubricate the needle, and store it in a cool, dry place to prevent rust.


Cleaning a PU Foam Applicator Gun with Soudafoam Gun & Foam Cleaner

Soudafoam Gun & Foam Cleaner is an effective solution for cleaning PU foam applicator guns. It dissolves any excess foam residue and ensures that the gun is thoroughly cleaned.

To begin, remove the Soudafoam Expanding Foam canister from the applicator by screwing anti-clockwise.

Next, use the cleaner as an aerosol spray to clean the exterior of the gun, the valve, and the tip. Pull the trigger on the gun to de-pressurize the gun. Please note that some foam may be extruded when doing so.

Afterwards, spray the cleaner onto the adaptor ring to clean off the remainder of the uncured foam. Remove the spray nozzle and screw the cleaner onto the gun, turning clockwise until tight. Turn the gun upside down and pull the trigger for a few seconds to allow the cleaner to activate inside the gun. Let the cleaner activate for a few minutes, then pull the trigger again for a few seconds.

Repeat the spraying and activation periods until only the clear solvent cleaner is visibly dispensed. This ensures the gun is thoroughly cleaned and free of any excess residue.


Final Thoughts

Using a PU Foam Applicator Gun can make your insulation jobs more efficient, and with proper maintenance and cleaning techniques outlined here, you can get the most out of your gun. Soudafoam Gun & Foam Cleaner is a great product that makes cleaning your gun easy, ensuring that it remains in excellent condition for longer. Finally, Gun Grade PU Expanding Foam will deliver better and more efficient results compared with hand-held foam, making it an excellent choice for large-scale insulation projects.


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