Wykabor 20.1 Boron Based Timber Gel - 5 Litre

Wykabor 20.1 Boron Based Timber Gel - 5 Litre
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Product Description:

Wykabor 20.1 Gel is a special boron-based, brushable and injectable gel for use in high risk areas to treat against dry and wet rot as well as wood destroying insects.

Wykabor 20.1 Gel has been designed for use in all timbers at high risk of damage or decay such as joist ends, purlins, wall plates, cut ends and rafter ends.

Wykabor 20.1 Gel leaves no surface residues after treatment, is non staining and can be over painted in time.


  • Brushable and injectable multi-use gel.
  • Excellent highly penetrating preservative for the control of wood – rotting fungi and wood boring insects.
  • Approved under COPR 1986 for use as a wood preservative.
  • Low environmental hazard.
  • Clean, easy to handle and virtually non drip.
  • Non-staining preservative gel.
  • Odourless and non-flammable.
  • Permanent protection because the active ingredient does not breakdown


Treatment of wood boring insects and fungal decay:

1. Clean all wooden surfaces using a brush or vacuum cleaner.

2. To aid brushing out on any timbers which are very dry or remain dusty, apply a little water to the surface before the application of Wykabor 20.1 Gel.

3. Apply a generous brush coat of Wykabor 20.1 Gel, taking care to ensure that end grains, corners and joints are well treated. Brush apply to any surfaces exposed by cutting after initial treatment.

4. Brush the Wykabor 20.1 Gel well into the surface taking care not to overload the brush with product, particularly on overhead, horizontal faces.

5. Wykabor 20 Gel may be used in outdoor conditions provided that the timber treated is then protected from weathering by an appropriate coating or sealant.

6. As a surface application the gel will not penetrate through paint, varnishes or other coatings and these should be removed before treatment. Wykabor 20.1 Gel can be injected through predrilled holes in areas where paint and coatings cannot be removed.

7. Clean all tools, brushes and equipment with water.


By Brush: 1 litre to 2-2.5m² of timber surface. Large dimensional timbers may need more than one coat or additional treatment with Wykabor 40.1.

By Injection: Apply as necessary or until refusal through predrilled holes.


Disodium Octaborate 19.8% (w/w) (243g/l).

Product Data Sheets:

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

Other Information:

This product carries the HSE Approval No 10361.


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