Airtight Construction Products

Airtight Construction Products

The professional window-joint system 'SWS' is a combination of several Superior Quality products which provide the seal between exterior joinery and the structural envelope.

In new buildings, this is a joint of ±2cm, but SWS can, of course, also be used for renovation of all sorts of exterior joinery: aluminium, wood and PVC. SWS also offers solutions for passive houses and timber framed houses.

SWS has been officially tested in conjunction with various parameters and in various setups. When properly installed, SWS offers:

  • Airtight
  • Lasting Thermal and Acoustic Insulation
  • Weather Resistance
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Silirub® Pro N SWS - Airtight Premium Neutral Cure Silicone - 310ml Cartridge
Product Description: Silirub® Pro N - SWS is an Airtight, Low Modulus Premium Grade Neutral..
Soudafoam 'Window & Door SWS' - Gun Grade Flexible Expanding Foam - 750ml Tin
Product Description: 'Soudafoam Window & Door SWS' is a Premium Quality, Airtight, ..
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Acryrub SWS - Premium Airtight Acrylic Polymer Sealant - 310ml Cartridge
Product Description: Acryrub SWS is an Airtight, Premium Quality, Highly Elastic Acrylic Polyme..
Silirub® EPDM - EPDM Compatible Sealant & Adhesive - 310ml Cartridge
Product Description: Silirub® EPDM is a High Quality EPDM Compatible Silicone Sealant and A..
Vapourseal - Vapour Barrier Foil Sealant & Adhesive - 310ml Cartridge
Product Description: Vapourseal is a ready to use Plasto-Elastic 1-component Sealant and Adhesi..